Tuesday, April 05, 2011

3rd Grade Geometry Project from Hell

Normally, I am the parent who supervises and helps with school projects in our Trenches.

However, when Eldest came to me with his geometry project, I was at a loss.

The instructions were to create a 3-D town.  Gulp.  Not only that, but the town had to include a checklist of various shapes (rectangular prisms, hexagons, spheres...) and angles (right, acute, obtuse...) and lines (parallel, perpindicular...) and *yawn*  I was totally OUT OF MY ELEMENT.

Enter Hubby.  With his college degree in REGIONAL PLANNING.  Hello???? Totally a project best suited for him.  TOTALLY.

Anyway, Hubby and Eldest went to work.  And mapped out a blueprint of the town they wanted to create.  Called "Viz-ville".  Cute.

But then, Hubby and I went away overnight this weekend.  And left the boyz (and the project) in the hands of my Sis and my (very artistic and creative) Niece.

While we were gone?  The project was completed!

And you can bet your ass this project is being saved...saved for 2 more years, when it's Middle's turn to create a Geometry Project (from Hell). 

Let me ask you this:  What's your take on school projects that obviously require heavy parental involvement?  And are actually more *parent* projects than *student* projects?  Because I find them completely annoying.


Unknown said...

I think it's just mean when teachers assign these types of projects that definitely are impossible for a kid to do independently. It's especially mean if it's over a weekend!!!

Manic Mommy said...

Our last project, a book report on a biography (HRH did Jackie Robinson) left me with blisters on my fingers from all the scissoring.

Apparently, in 2nd grade, book reports are accompanied by near-life-sized, clothed paper cut outs of the biograph-ee.

Jennifer said...

We haven't had any projects like this. But then "we" are only in Kindergarten.

Cyndy Bush said...

They drive me crazy! I don't understand what the teachers get out of discovering that *I* can complete a project. And if I let my kid do it on his own, his looks pathetic compared to the others. So frustrating!

Anonymous said...

our school stopped assigning the annual science project a cpl yrs ago b/c it had completely become a parent competition w/ live waterfalls and explosions etc...now each class does a project and enters it in the fair. I think that was a great switch,personally. I hate parent-projects...grrr. BTW, nice job on that,friend :)

Making It Work Mom said...

Wait until 5th grade Interest Fair. Not only for a grade, but also a competition! And in the parent letter telling you about the project you are told that your participation is required. That is right you will have Middle School homework.
Nice job on the geometry project! I am sure he will get an A.

Anonymous said...

Luckily, at our school the kids to be independent and gives specific guidelines for parents as to what they can do when helping. Our oldest is in first grade and the only project/homework he's needed our help for was a report on Nelson Mandela. We were restricted to writing down his thoughts and ideas in his words and reading stuff aloud if it was too complex for him to read on his own, and he was responsible for everything else: copying out his ideas in his own handwriting, illustrating his report, finding pictures and cutting them out. At his school, once they get older, they are expected to do everything themselves.

Come to think of it, that's the only homework our son has had all year, except for reading. Everything else is done at school.

Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

I can think of lots of projects my dad basically did for me because his vision for the end result was way out of my second or fifth or eighth grade league. It isn't really a good measure of a child's understanding if a parent has to do a large percentage of the work.

amanda said...

as a former 3rd grade teacher i will tell you these projects are total crap! ok not total. but mostly.

i could write a book on this topic - the competition. the grading. the crying kids. the pissed off parents. why we do them. why we shouldn't do them. and why we actually should do them. the teachers that abuse at home projects- ugh. i don't miss it.

and one day all too soon i will be the parent on the other side of the table.

but i will say his project looks bad ass!

TerriG said...

Hey, Your hubby should get an A+ for that project.

When my homeschooled kids want help with projects or work, I tell them I've already passed that class. They occasionally do projects but no where near what the cousins do.


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