Friday, March 25, 2011

Another Post Not for Story Bleed

The old blog well has been a bit dry lately.

And trust me, I have totally psychoanalyzed the shit out of it to determine why.

First, I had a blog idea brewing for earlier this week.  And then clicked on one of the many blogs in my blogroll and saw the exact same topic already written out.  Rats.

THEN I saw that submissions had been reopened for Story Bleed Magazine.  So I did what any narcissistic blogger would do and delved into my archives, searching for a post to submit.

And came up empty.

You see folks, I am not a poetic writer.  I realize that I don't hypnotize anyone with my prose.  I'm pretty much bare bones.  I tell stories.  About me.  About my life.  About being a mother.  A wife. 

There's not much here that constitutes artistry.  A flowing of words that entrances you with their splendor.


So I felt a little down.  Defeated.  Not good enough. 

What am I doing with this space?

It took me a few days to process this.

But then I remembered WHY.  Why I blog.  What I receive from blogging.

I do this for me


For you. 

I want my readers to laugh.  I want my readers to shake their heads in agreement.  I want my readers to understand that they are not alone.  That I, like you, have been there.  That no one is a perfect parent.  That no one has perfect children.  That no one has a perfect body.  Or a perfect home.  That sometimes life stinks.  That sometimes motherhood isn't all it's cracked up to be.  That this shit is hard, yo.

So that.  That's why I'm here, dammit.

No apologies.



Joie said...

And I thank you for every post you do!

You crack me up and I really enjoy reading your blog.

You are fantabulous!

Anonymous said...

Consider yourself a success!

Mari said...

I'm glad you're here and your writing does make me feel better. You are real and that is the most important thing!

Megan {Velveteen Mind} said...

Oh, to hell with Story Bleed! (so says its publisher, wink wink)

There is a time and place for everything and all kinds of writing. We all use our space differently. Last night we had a twitter chat about experimentation and risk, but that only works when you want to do it. If you don't feel like trying something different, snuggle up in ye old blog and to hell with the artists.

But when something grabs your gut and you do want to experiment? Want to pee-your-pants try something new? We're here for ya.

PS- I'm adding a new linkblog-ish old school style section to my blog for when I don't feel like writing something epic, too. Because God help me, we can't always be epic. ;)

Love you.

Kim - Mommycosm said...

I'm sure you could be all artsy fartsy and crap, too, if you really wanted to be. But I come here to laugh and see what's going on in your life.

An aside: would you believe my kids don't know who Popeye is?! I was talking about spinach and got blank looks. Must remedy that. Bad Mommy.

Michelle said...

I am sooo glad that you do! You always make me laugh....and "that this shit is hard, yo". :-)

Thank you for doing what you do.

Unknown said...

I have to disagree with you my friend! I don't think your blog has been dry at all! I really look forward to reading each and every post you write and each post always does the things you described! I am either laughing or nodding my head, and many a time have been inspired by you! I am glad you are who you are! Keep up exactly what you are doing. We love you!

chrissyrudd said...

"I want my readers to laugh... That this shit is hard, yo."

YES!!!! That is exactly why I read your blog! I laugh out loud, and say "Yes, that's it!" and commiserate with you. I feel you, sister!

amanda said...

a) is it sad that i don't even know what storybleed is?

b) ok i just looked.

c) wow mixed with yikes.

d) i heart you. all of you. the *bleeding* posts and the puke posts. bc you got it all dude.

Maureen said...

thank goodness you do it!

Alexandra said...

I hear ya, sister.

I wonder, what can I send in? That will knock them over?

In a good, non threatening way.

Jennifer said...

I see that Megan already commented, but as the Editorial Director....I GET THIS. I have searched my own archives to find something that could stand apart from my blog, be read as a true literary piece and I don't have anything like that.

We really do need to just embrace that we write what we write and it's really good, identifiable stuff. It doesn't all have to be magazine worthy.


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