Friday, March 11, 2011

Momma Sarah's Jedi Domesticity Training

When I first met Hubby, one of the things that immediately impressed me about him was that he was incredibly self-sufficient.  He cooked.  He cleaned.  He grocery-shopped.  He ironed.  He vacuumed.  *swoon*

He apparently had been well-trained.  By his mother.

I want that for my boyz as well.

But in the gogogo! rush of our everyday lives, sometimes it's just quicker and easier for me to do things myself. 

Eldest is 9 years old.  It's time.  Heck, it's PAST time that I begin my Jedi Domesticity Training on him.

Lately, when he asks for something in the kitchen (because old habits are hard to break and he's 9 and a boy and lazy and I've always done it in the past for him), whether it's a snack or a drink or breakfast, the rule is that he must fend for himself.

By the time I came downstairs this morning, he had already made himself and Middle bowls of cereal.  And poured the milk.  Without spilling.


Last night, I was doing laundry.  Instead of sorting, folding and putting away all the boyz' clothes by myself, I instructed Eldest to gather all his clean clothes from the pile and put them on his bed.

It was time.

Time for a lesson in clothes-folding and putting-away.

And wouldn't you know?  "Rainman" totally got into it.  Even going so far as to empty alllll his dresser drawers to re-fold, re-sort and re-put away everything.

Holy crap.  Why didn't I think of this sooner!

Up next?  Toilet Cleaning 101.  DEFINITELY.

What ages are your children and what are their household responsibilities?  Why do I feel like I'm totally behind with this?


jules said...

Hooray for the boys doing their own chores. More time for mommy.

Michelle said...

My kids are younger and I have also wondered what ages are appropriate to start chores so I am very interested in what responses you might get. As my parents always say, "the oldest is one big experiment". I have a feeling your youngest will be doing these things WAY before he is 9!

Beth said...

My boys are 4 and always help when we clean the house. They're good dusters and sweeper cord holders, and floor moppers with assistance!

IzzyMom said...

My kids are 5 and 10 and I fear I started way too late on domestic training, as evidenced by the nagging (from me)and the whining (from them). You're smart to not wait on this!

Mommy McD said...

My boys are 5 and 3. Their household responsibilities are:

3 year old: helps "fold" his laundry, puts it away, helps sort and load/transfer laundry, and helps put away dishes.

5 year old: Gets his breakfast (bowl of cheerios, or toaster waffles), makes his lunch for school.
Also, he has the same responsibilities as his younger brother, with the addition of he's currently learning to load dishes into the dishwasher.

Janelle Halverson said...

I have the same problem -I can do it better, faster and, most importantly, MY WAY! I have come to the relatively recent realization that I nee to teach my Peanut how to do this stuff or else she will end up just like her (worthless) Father.
We started the cooking thing last week (one meal per week) and it went so well. It is a little scary at first but it will be an adventure that hopefully won't kill us!! Good luck with yours!

Are You A Mom said...

My son will be 9 months that too young for chores ;)
Im your newest follower..Please stop by and follow me too :)
Have a great weekend!

Judy said...

Well, let's see - they both (6 and 11) help with laundry when I whip them into submission (totally kidding, you know). The 11 year old sweeps the kitchen, helps cook and clean up after dinner three times a week, takes care of the patio plants, makes his bed, feeds the pets, and gets his own breakfast when cereal or similar are on the menu (this morning was sausage, eggs and toast - that's a mom job for now). The 6 year old makes his bed, feeds the fish, takes out the recycling, empties the trash cans, wipes the table and counter, and makes sure his big brother does what he's supposed to.

Sometimes, I wish I had them do more, but I have no idea when they'd do it all!

Cyndy Bush said...

I got so tired of our 10 & 11 year old waking us up for a bowl of cereal that I started laying everything out the night before so that they can't say they can't reach it or whatever.
My 10 year old daughter can make scrambled eggs with no assistance on the stovetop (I supervise of course), noodles in the microwave, and a few other things like that.

Anonymous said...

My oldest is 7 and just started getting his own cereal/toast - and it was his own initiative! I feel like I'm behind in getting my kids (7 and 5) in doing at least a few things for themselves around the house, but, like you said, it takes more time to instruct than to just do it myself, and I haven't much time these days. Luckily, our kids' school does a good job getting them to do things at school (it's a Montessori school), so it seems to rubbing off at home a little, too. About all they do is put their dirty dishes on the counter, but at least it's a start!

Unknown said...

YAY!! good job mom!

Michele R said...

My theory is that for the Youngest, he got to indulge in fun stuff earlier than everyone else (i.e. got an Xbox when he was 4 but Eldest was 9) and so the chores started sooner for Youngest as well. Funny thing is, he has always been best (more anal) at the chores. I have put my boys on a bathroom cleaning rotation schedule and started with a written out chore list. For Youngest I drew a picture of a toilet, or a fish for feeding the fish. Youngest definitely had to put clean clothes in his drawers and gather all bathroom trashes in a big bag, put away clean silverware.

Leslie, The Cleaning Coach said...

How is the training going? Let me know if you want to do "cleaning camp" with the boys this summer!


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