Thursday, March 10, 2011

I Have a Personal Trainer - Chapter Two

[Today I'm the "Follow This Mother!" on the Run Like a Mother blog.  Welcome to my Trenches!] 

Chapter One is here.

At my initial consultation with Trainer Sarah she did a fitness assessment, took my measurements and spoke to me about nutrition.

The fitness assessment consisted of some bosu ball work (my balance sucks), pushups (10 real ones!) and some ab work.  I felt exhausted afterwards and then realized, "Huh.  That was only the assessment part."  I knew then that the real training would definitely be pushing me to my limits.

So the measurements part.  Think of the worst parts of your body.  Example:  jiggly arms, upper thighs, hips, boobs, waist, etc.  Yeah.  Trainer Sarah measured alllllllll those areas of me.  And WROTE THEM DOWN.  And then?  She pinched my fat to do a body fat assessment.  *shudder*  (I was too horrified to even ASK to look at the numbers...)  When I found myself involuntarily uttering the word, "gross" after each measurement she took, she spoke up and told me, "No more.  You are not allowed to say that word."  Okay then.

[You guys, I haven't even taken a "Before" picture.  Part of me wants to, to have evidence of my progress.  I'm will be re-measured on April 1.  But the self-conscious/pessimist part of me is overpoweringly resistant.  What if nothing changes?]

At that first meeting, Trainer Sarah spent the majority of our hour together talking about nutrition.  The thing that stuck with me the most was the fact that if I DON'T watch my food intake while I'm working out with her, that there is a possibly that I could in fact GAIN weight because I'm building muscle.  And that would be my worst nightmare.

She also kept reiterating that what she was giving me was NOT a diet.  That it was simply a guideline for healthier eating:

***No more than 3 hours between meals.  [This is a totally new concept for me.  It's typical for me to go looong stretches without eating and then be absolutely ravenous.]

***2 servings of fruit daily (preferably apples, citrus fruits or berries because melons and grapes are high in sugar) (Guess what the only fruits I like are?  Yup.  Melons and grapes.) and no fruit after 2pm (something to do with the glycemic index blahblahblah).

***Dinner should be lean protein and veggies.  No carbs from whole grains at dinner.  [*weeping*]

***Veggies are a free-for-all.  Can eat as many as I like!  [So green M&Ms totally count, right?]

***Avoid processed food.

***NO ALCOHOL [*dies on the inside*]

Surprisingly, following these guidelines has been easier in some ways than I anticipated.  I pretty much eat the exact same thing every.single.weekday. 

Not pictured:  Breakfast = whole wheat bagel thin with lowfat peanut butter.
Morning snack = some fruit and a Dannon light and fit yogurt with 1/4 cup Special K Protein Plus cereal
Lunch = Joseph's flax, oat bran and whole wheat pita bread with 4oz turkey breast
Afternoon snack = raw veggies with salsa or 15 All Bran crackers and 1oz. reduced fat cheddar cheese

The hardest parts, for me, are this:

I'm STARVING during my ride home from work.  I mean, I'm totally fine all day, but it all of a sudden hits me on the drive home.  I've tried eating a snack at 4ish, right before I get in the car, but it doesn't help.

Dinners have been tough.  I CRAVE carbs at dinner.  Rice, pasta, potatoes, bread.  I have definitely cut back, but not completely avoided.  Willpower?  I gots none.

And the complete and utter avoidance of alcohol?  There's no way in hell.  Hasn't happened.

So I've been following this for about 3 weeks now.  And when I get discouraged or fall off the wagon (by strapping on the feed bag on the weekends or having a glass of beer or wine) I keep reminding myself that anything I'm doing now is soooo much better than what I had been doing.  That tomorrow is another day to start fresh.

But I honestly haven't noticed any real changes in my body yet. 

What I have noticed, though, is that my desire for physical activity has improved.  I actually look forward to my mornings with Trainer Sarah.  Even though I know I'll be a limp ball of pain when she's done with me.  And I'm excited to run!  Yesterday?  I actually ran twice in one day.  I KNOW. 

Until I start to see some actual physical changes in my appearance, though, I feel like it's hard to be totally GUNG HO.  Which, in all honesty, just perpetuates the cycle, right?

And thus I have just defined the entire root of my problem...WHOA.


Beth said...

Food is my problem lately too. I used to be very good about it. Lately, not so much, and I have fallen into that working out and gaining weight category. Boo.

Unknown said...

You go girl! Two runs yesterday!!!!!!! Awesome!
So do you feel more energetic? Everyone says that you get more energy with a healthy diet and exercise but I am still exhausted!!!!! Does it just take time?

Michelle said...

Good for you! I'm so jealous!

Amy said...

The thing that sticks out for me is the 5am part. Oh good grief.

Anyway, thanks for posting the food you are eating. I've wanted to settle on a better weekday menu plan for a while but I never quite figure it out. (Why is that hard?)

This will make a difference - it HAS to. I can't wait to see how you do! Take a before pic girl!

Janelle Halverson said...

Good for you! I am working on a diet post too (which someday may morph into an exercise post). I started an Atkins/Paleo type diet at the beginning of the year. I have not cheated at all really (well, not on the "rules" I've imposed anyway). The reason I'm saying this is b/c the craving for the pasta/breads/rice gets a lot better the longer you go! I feel so dang good now I can't even really make myself feel that bad about not getting carb type stuff! Weird! Good luck! Keep your head up!!

amanda said...

dude i am so proud of you. AND now i feel like i should pay you for your little food trainer tips. although the no carbs at dinner thing? yup pretty sure i will never be healthy. i can live through you right?

u can do it!!

Anonymous said...

I have an hour commute home, and I'm 100% with you on the starving in the car. I think hafl of it is boredom. But why not find a diet friendly snack and stash it in the car (crackers, veggie chips (those are veggies...right???), um...nuts?) try to cover your sweet/salty bases and then you'll have backup.

justme said...

car ride home could you eat a larabar, they are delish and they are like 3 ingredients - ask your sarah what she thinks, i carry in my car/purse for those too long times

MidLyfeMama said...

I am curious about the ban on alcohol. Is it because it is completely empty calories, just fermented sugar? You are right, you do need to keep reminding yourself that you are doing better than you were, so don't beat yourself up over not being perfect. I am using an app on my iphone to track my food intake so I can hold myself more accountable for the choices I make about what goes in my mouth. It isn't about dieting, but about making healthy choices.

Rebecca said...

Okay, I'm utterly confused about the no fruit after 2 rule. For serious! I have never heard of that!

I should get a personal's probably so much better/suckier to have to "report" to someone and not want to let them down!

Kudos to you...this is awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

Most definitely take before pix! I hate them but I did it and progress pix also help. While u see urself in the mirror everyday u may not notice the changes but look at a photo from last month & u will totally be able to see the progress! :) keep up the good work & awesome job at running twice in one day! :)


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