Friday, March 18, 2011

I Have a Personal Trainer - Chapter Three

"Relax your shoulders."

"Focus on your breathing.  Inhale up, exhale down."

I hear these phrases a LOT from Trainer Sarah.  Because when she doesn't remind me, I have my shoulders all hunched up to my neck.  And?  I tend to hold my breath.  Which is totally odd and all kinds of wrong, because I'm (supposed to be) a frickin runner!

So Trainer Sarah has been working on those concepts with me at each and every session.  (6 down, 4 more to go!)  (But then I KNOW I won't be able to quit her.  I NEED her.)

Sooooo much more goes into personal training then just lifting things up and putting them down!  I guess I never realized, or heck, even thought about this before.

Today I had another "aha" moment.  I've been having these frequently during our sessions.  It's completely enlightening what I have learned about myself, my capabilities and my habits in such a short time.  I mean really, when do you ever have a full hour to just focus on yourself?  That's exactly why doing this has been so good for me.  I highly recommend it.  And yes, it is expensive, I'm not gonna lie to you.  But I have found that it really is worth it.  To me.  And for me.

The "aha" moment I had today was whilst doing exercises to strengthen my core.  Did you know that SO MUCH is based on core strength?  Well, it is.

Trainer Sarah kept repeating, "Navel in.  Pelvic floor strong." 


You guys - so what this means is while performing an exercise, you need to do a KEGEL!  For realz!

Think about it.  You are laying on the floor about to do a situp.  Your arms are overhead (holding onto a bar)so your entire body is in a straight line.  Now do a kegel and pull your belly button in.  You are going to inhale first, and as your upper body comes up, you are going to exhale.  All while keeping your navel in and your shoulders relaxed.
Just like this but with legs down

Putting all of it together each and every time you do an exercise is totally hard and confusing and frustrating to have to think about, but once you put all the knowledge together, it feels totally different than when you're doing it wrong.  And thus, you are strengthening your core.


I consider myself somewhat of an athlete.  But I have NEVER been taught this core stuff before!!!  I asked Trainer Sarah if I should perhaps get myself a Pilates DVD to work on my core (because when you think of core workouts, you think of Pilates, right?), but she said no, not right away.  Because I really need to learn and practice before I just go do.  Which is exactly why I have her.


Just Jen said...

That is an awesome way to explain it! What is even better, is if you add kegel balls while you work out. Core PLUS 'core' workout!!

justme said...

one time with my trainer i was doing some sort of sit ups and i said why does it hurt it my leg so much, so she held my legs how they should be and i did the sit up and then i felt it in my core, and she said you do not use your core and you are using other muscles to do the job of the core. NOT GOOD. i llove ..did just jen mean ketel balls and not kegel ????


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