Tuesday, March 08, 2011

I Have a Personal Trainer - Chapter One

I turned 38 in February.  I am also at my heaviest non-pregnant weight ever.

At age 38 and at my heaviest non-pregnant weight ever, I finally came to the stark realization that I need to be held accountable.  That I've proven time and time again that I am inconsistent and what I'm doing is NOT WORKING.

So I'm seeing a therapist personal trainer 2 mornings a week.  From 5am to 6am.  I have had a consultation and 3 training sessions thus far. 

Readers, I want you to meet my trainer.  We'll call her The Other Sarah:

Just so you're not confused, this is Sarah:

And this is The Other Sarah:

Any questions?

So moving on...

The Other Sarah has taught me that 50% of my effort needs to be focused on my food intake, while the other 50% should be exercise.  She is helping me with the exercise (minus the cardio which I must do on my own 3-4 days a week - I either run, ride the stationary bike, or do Jillian's Shred), but I alone am responsible for what I put into my body.  The Other Sarah is guiding and teaching me about proper nutrition.

I have had horrible eating habits.  Trust me on this.  (Or just ask my Sis.  Or my mother.  Or Hubby.)  Not only am I a Mindless Eater (meaning I never THINK about the quantity of food I'm shoving in my piehole), and a Picker (I totally eat off the boyz' plates when they're done),  I am also a Late-Night Binge Eater.  Whether it is downing a bag of potato chips or chocolate chips, my evening tastebuds are nondiscriminatory.  Once the boyz went to bed, it simply became (a very bad) habit for me to MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH my way to bedtime.  Seriously.

And then I'd wake in the morning, feel guilty, deprive myself (somewhat) all day, and then repeat the vicious cycle that night.

Shockingly enough, the weight wasn't melting off.  It was packing ON.

Enter The Other Sarah.  A fellow football mom who I happened to chat with at the football banquet in January.  Who offered to take me on as a client and help me to lose 20 pounds while toning me up and getting me "tank top arms".

And so, the journey began...

Click here for Chapter Two.


Jennifer said...

I'm in the process of getting my eating under control too (but I have way more than 20 pounds to lose). My friend is helping me and one of the things she is having me do is record everything I eat at livestrong.com. It is free (they also have an ipod app that I had to pay for, but it wasn't very expensive). Until I really started looking at the calories of certain foods and measuring servings and recording everything I didn't realize how many calories I was really eating. I was eating a lot. A lot a lot. It has been a great teaching tool for me.

Jenny said...

As I read this, I'm stuffing my face with my second serving of the brownies that I insisted on making after dinner so I would have a snack to eat after the kiddos were in bed. Thanks for the reminder that brownies should not replace dinner. (And for making me feel guilty for skipping Zumba today, and skipping dinner, only to shove junk food down my throat.)

Good luck with "the other Sarah." :)

justme said...

awesome job !! i feel like i have gone on this health journey, i started by doing tris and i got hooked on the exercise which was great BUT i was exhuasted and the weight was not coming off. that is when i knew i had to take care of the nutrition side. my personal trainer is also a health coach and i worked with her. my entire mind set about food has changed.

some tips.....do not think of taking things away as much as adding in the good stuff. after you start adding in then you can start thinking of cutting out the bad stuff.

i am starting a cleanse this week with her and anyone can do the cleanse from anywhere - it is natural and food based, more of an elimination to figure out what foods you don't tolerate.

good luck. stick with it. a slip up is ok, just get back on the horse. and the biggest help is MEAL PLAN. i mean even plan out your snack options......smoothies are an easy healthy snack, fruits, water, and protein powder....i use cinch from shaklee

i sell shaklee if you are interested at all....great products, healthy, green, natural ...

Unknown said...

Good for you! I am sure The other Sarah will get you in tip top shape just in time to show off for the nice weather!

Unknown said...

Great job! Keep up the good work! I have started running in the last year and realized that I should probably start focusing on the nutrition side of things. With 5 kids at home, I would love to teach them better eating habits instead of the "sugary sweet tooth" that I have.

Making It Work Mom said...

I am a total night time eater. Always after the kids go to bed. And then I feel disgusting when I finally go to bed! UGH!

Anne said...

I hear you loud and clear! I'm soon-to-be 38 and at my heaviest non-preg. weight too. We joined the Y this year, but I only get the op to work out twice a week. My goal for diet is to get five veggies in per day. I really don't binge much. I guess my metabolism is just getting slower.

Good for you for taking control ! My mom is a lifetime binge eater, primarily nighttime, and at 63 is suffering (and I do mean that to the fullest extent of the word) for it... diabetes, stress fractures just from pressure, replaced joints due to stress, can hardly walk, etc. She quit smoking, left a bad marriage, but is having a hard time with food.

MommaKiss said...

Ok, 5am? FIVE AYE EM?

you will be buff in no time, but 5am?

Penelope said...

Omg, you are sooo lucky to have a personal trainer! I could so use one!

~Penelope (I love to write about beauty tips!)

Penelope said...

Omg, you are sooo lucky to have a personal trainer! I could so use one!

~Penelope (I love to write about beauty tips!)

nyc mom blog said...

Omg, you are sooo lucky to have a personal trainer! I could so use one!

~Penelope (I love to write about beauty tips!)

chrissyrudd said...

For me it's the eating also! I signed on to 3 different seasons of coaching high school: cross country, dance team, and track. This forces me to do something as I run or dance with the team, but when I get home, I'm pooped and I want to eat in front of the tv the whole evening. My mind says I deserve it, but I know it's not good for me! So it's awesome that you have taken that step to hold yourself accountable! The other Sarah looks like she could really kick some butt!

joyof3boys said...

Just read my recent email notice from RLAM. Had to check your blog out, being a fellow runner and also living in a house of testosterone (3 boys too). It just came to me when I read this post and you mentioned mindless eating, you may be interested in Mindless Eating, by Brian Wansink, Director of the Cornell Food and Brand Lab (Cornell University). I'm a nutrition major at Syracuse University and heard him speak. I'm a mindless eater, especially now as a student, and just the little mindless things you can do to improve things are amazing.

Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

I have trouble doing a good job focusing on both eating habits and exercise. I seem to either really focus on food or really focus on exercise. Good Luck! It's awesome that you are making yourself a priority!


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