Thursday, March 03, 2011

Exhausted, Sore and Cranky

Last night at Eldest's 6:00 basketball game, I found myself yawning.  Over and over again.

I wanted nothing else but to Go.To.Bed.  I was exhausted.  And on top of that, I was soooo sore.  (First workout with my personal trainer was Monday.  All upper body.  You guys, it was painful to shampoo my hair.)  (Separate blog post on personal training to come.)

So by 7:30pm, that's exactly where I was.

I made it through the fist two singers on American Idol and then was zonked out.  Didn't even hear the boyz get tucked in by Hubby.

Arose this morning at 4:50am to go for a run with my friend Kristy.

Glanced at the thermometer and thought that it said 30 degrees and thought to myself, "Oh good.  Yesterday morning was 28 and we had a decent run.  Today should be fine."

Kristy arrived.  Totally shivering just walking from her car to my house.

Out we ventured. 

We lasted exactly 8 minutes out there.  My fingers were numb.  Our eyes were watering.  My CHIN hurt from the wind.

I figured there must be a wicked wind chill that was making the 30 degrees feel MUCH colder.

Came back inside my Trenches and looked at the thermometer again.  9 degrees!  No fricking wonder.

Apparently I'm not much of a number-reader before 5am because, yeah.

So that started out my morning.

THEN, after I was all ready for work and was getting the boyz' breakfast and packing their lunches, we had some "issues."

Baby had kindergarten homework.  He needed to find something that started with the letter X.

(Hubby and I both died laughing when he asked if we had any X movies.)  (Poor little buddy just wanted to know if we perhaps owned any movies that started with X, but his childish parents couldn't even stop their laughter to answer him.)

So Eldest volunteered to draw a picture of an X-box for Baby.  Except Baby wanted Eldest to use a marker instead of a pencil.  Eldest said no and walked away.  Commence whining and crying.

(Aside:  What the hell would YOU provide that starts with the letter X?)

THEN Eldest went back to his hockey game on the iPad.  Which prompted Middle to start whining about wanting to play too.  Except, you see, Eldest was all dressed and ready for school and Middle was not. 

"No," I told Middle.  "You still need to get dressed."

"But he's playing 20 minute quarters!  That's no faaaaiiirrrrrrrrr.  I wanna play too."

Repeat exact same conversation for another 5 minutes...


I had Eldest smugly sitting on the couch, hogging the iPad.

I had Middle, still in pj's, whining about how he wanted to play the iPad.

And I had Baby, crying that he needed an X for school.

I gathered my things, looked at the three of them and proclaimed,

"I'm outta here.  You guys are Driving.Me.Crazy!"

and walked out the door to go to work.

Mother of the Year.  Right here.

And as for Hubby?

He's Father of the Year.  But for real.

[And also?  This is how you write an entire blog post with no point to it whatsoever.  I just had all this stuff in my head and needed to vomit it out.  You're welcome.]


LBDDiaries said...

VERY funny post - perfect way to sip my coffee before I start my day - laughing at your morning issues (smile)! Visiting from SITS.

Kelly said...

Good Stuff. So much appreciated from one working mom to another. Love the X movies!

Mama Goose said...

HA! We had a very, very similar morning here today: (except for the run, sigh) X is the letter at our pre-school, but my baby turned his nose up at bringing the xylophone, (Sorry Kid, I got nothing else.) and then cried/whined, in his jammies and crusty teeth, because Brother was playing too long on the iTouch.... Mama had enough even before a full cup o joe... Yawn...

Jen said...

I do believe that I had a very similar morning.

Boom Baby! said...

You could have sent him with your X-Ray machine, duh! :)

Unknown said...

No worries I totally love listening to your vomit LOL!
I remember when Matt had that homework for kindergarden we where lucky enough to have just had an x ray done when he needed x! What did he end up using?

Jenny said...

So tonight we had to find something for "Z." My littlest wanted to take a zebra--like a real one. Several annoying arguments later, we finally convinced him to take all his little animals in a box because animals live in a zoo. "Fine, Mom. But I still want a zebra. I'm telling Santa." Good luck with that, kid.

MommaKiss said...

9 degrees is like 9 kinds of wrong. For running. Oof.


x movies.

yah, that's all i got, too!

Take A Deep Breath and Count to a Million said...

You could have sent your bottle of Xanax!! lol


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