Friday, February 04, 2011

On (Mentally) Crashing

Thankfully, I didn't catch the Blissdom flu that seemed to be spreading like wildfire after the conference.  But oh man, do I feel wiped out.

Returning to "real life" was a challenge, especially after something so motivating, so empowering, as Blissdom.  Switching modes from Blogger, Speaker, Internet Friend back to Mommy, Wife, Paralegal.  Not gonna lie, it wasn't a piece of cake.  Take hard feelings on the homefront, mix in a few feet of snow and ice, add in a leaking roof, year-end stresses at work, DIETING, NO CAFFEINE, and it Friday yet????

So yeah.  Not the greatest week.

And admittedly, probably not the best timing for starting a diet, but hey, what's a little more misery?

I'm so OVER feeling bad about myself.  I'm so OVER hating the way I look and feel.  It's up to me, and only me, to make it better.  I'm turning 38 next week, and dammit, I want to feel good. 

5 year old boy on sled vs. sheet of ice.  Ice wins. 

(P.S.  His eye looks like how I feel.)


The Pennington Point said...

Yes! Re-entry has been rough. I am still sick from the Blissdom flu plus the freeze in south Texas that we have no idea how to deal with. :) But I must admit that having a few cold, sick days has been nice to spend with my kids just sitting and soaking them in. You go girl with your diet....there's never a good time to start. Lisa~

Shell said...

It's been a rough week.I can't believe how long it's taking me to get back into my usual routine!

Maureen said...

hang in there... spring has got to be around the corner.

Kim - Mommycosm said...

I did get the flu :( I think today is the first day I've felt "myself" since leaving Nashville.

Re-entry can bite it. I want housekeeping, happy hour and celebrity meet-n-greets every day;)

justme said...

in all seriousness - i have started using shaklee and my team is going to do a cleanse and you would have weekly emails and access to a nutritionist - if you are interested let me know....feener44atgmaildotcom

Rebecca said...

Good luck with the diet...I kind of love shiners on little boys.

Angella said...

Coming back from being away is always hard - that week after we got back from Disneyland nearly killed me.

Also - Happy Birthday - this week, right?


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