Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Managing Family Finances in Your Trenches

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I am notoriously horrible with money. 

Guess who ran out of money whilst studying for a term abroad in Australia/New Zealand?

That'd be me.

Guess whose credit card was maxed right outta college?

That'd be me.

Guess who would rather have had a new pair of shoes than grocery money for the week (and kinda still feels that way) when she was single and living in Charlotte?

That'd be me.

So guess what I did?



Yep.  Hubby works with financial statements and credit reports all day. 

Obvs, he is the "boss" of our household finances. 

Don't get me wrong - I tried to do it.  Just to prove that I COULD, dammit!

And promptly missed an important payment.

He balances the checkbook(s) (in color-coordinated ink, mind you) and pays the bills (by check, not online).  OLD SKOOL STYLE.

Our biggest fights are about money.  (But isn't that the way with most married couples?)

Over time, though, we have come to a compromise - a system of managing money that seems to work for both of us.

I spend.  He bitches.


One thing I am fastidious about (and you should be too!) is the income and expenses I incur from blogging.  I keep track of EVERYTHING (and you should too!)

Income from writing gigs, like this one.
Mileage when I'm attending a blogging event.
Hotel, airfare, conference receipts at conference.

I also keep track of all the swag and free products I've received.  Better safe than sorry, I say.  Because you don't just want to write off all of your EXPENSES without claiming any income.  Otherwise the IRS is gonna raise and eyebrow and think, " why bother, if it's costing you all this money and you're not getting anything back?"

I hope all you bloggers are doing the same.

How do you manage your family finances?

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Kimberly said...

Thanks! You just reminded me that I need to start my taxes. Maybe after my nap? Can't do too much in one day, right?


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