Monday, February 28, 2011

High School and High Hair

Went home to my parents' house this weekend and discovered my Varsity soccer team picture, circa 1988.  I have just one question:

How many cans of Aqua Net do you think were used in preparation for this photo?

My bet is at least five:
(Do you see me?)

(Hint:  My hair is uh, orange.)

(Note to my 15-year old self:  Step away from the Sun-In, honey.)


Anne said...

Holy, crap... any of those hairdos could've been me. I looked like I had a lion's mane in my Junior picture.

Draft Queen said...

Nothing like 80s hair to make for a good giggle.

Rebecca said...

This could have been my high school...did you also light the ends of your eye liners to get a "liquid look?" I remember spraying my hands with Aqua Net and lighting it on fire in the girls' locker room too...what was wrong with me? What a pyro!

Unknown said...

Love it! It had to be the extra super hold Aqua Net in the white can too!!! Looks just like my cheerleading boys were just laughing at it the other day! Thanks for the flashback......oh and you look just the same( beside the hair of course)!

'MJ said...

Holy crap look how young Peters' looks..

B's Mom said...

That looks just like my high school photos, too. You don't realize how much hair spray we used until you look at pictures.

Life As I Know It said...

Oh was overly sun-in'ed too in high school. It turned my hair blonde with a greenish tint. Beautiful.

Celeste said...

LOL!! This pic is great! It looks like a Saturday Night Live skit!
I love your blog, fun & real. Would love for you to stop by for visit!



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