Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My List of Five Fabulous Bloggers!

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(Photo lovingly swiped from my friend Lolli)

When asked to write a post about my choice of Five! Fabulous! Bloggers!  I was distraught.  Only five??? But. But. But.  There are wayyyyy more writers I admire than that!

However.  Rules are rules.

So here we go!

1.  Jill from Scary Mommy.  Jill is fabulous because she tells it like it is.  Just like her tagline:  The good, the bad and the scary.  And let's face it.  Sometimes mothering and motherhood IS scary.  Jill's blog has done an amazing job of creating a sense of community - where we mothers can let it all hang out.  I've met Jill in person and we clicked immediately.  I love her sarcasm, her honesty and her matter-of-factness. 

2.  Amanda from lifelong playdate.  Amanda makes my fabulosity list because she's like my blogging little sister.  Her earnestness and sincerity about mothering her gorgeous daughters always leaves me breathless.  And wishing I was her next-door neighbor!

3.    Jennifer from Playgroups Are No Place For Children.  Jennifer is fabulous because she is my very first blogging buddy.  We have "known" each other on the internet for 4 years now, and finally got to meet in person at last year's BlissDom.  We are rooming together again this week at BlissDom '11 and I totally can't wait!  The two of us talked through the night.  And laughed.  A LOT.

4.  Heather from Making It Work Mom.  Heather is fabulous because she is a fellow football mom and I know her in my "real life".  Not only are we football moms together, but we also graduated from college the same the SAME college!  And never even realized this fact until YEAR 2 of our sons playing together.  I totally can relate to her writing because our hectic lives are eerily similar.  Plus, I think her Princess and my Baby would make a dynamic duo.

5.  Angella from Dutch Blitz.  Angella is fabulous because she manages to balance work, home, photography and blogging with a positive, yet honest, take on life.  I frequently find myself nodding along as I read her posts.  I get her.  I do.  We have the whole 3-child/working-mom thing in common.  She is definitely one of the bloggers I look forward to meeting someday!

Now it's your turn.  Who are your Five Fabulous Bloggers?

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Jen said...

Hey, I know that picture. :)

Fun times.

Angella said...

I made your TOP FIVE???

*Totally Blushing*

*And smiling*

All those sentiments fired right back atcha, friend. I'll be at BlogHer in San Diego...


amanda said...

for real?

dude. i don't have the words.

thank you bloggy big sister.

thank you.

Scary Mommy said...

Awwwwwwww!!!! Thank you so much!!! I'm honored to be on your list! And, totally jealous that you and Jennifer are hanging out right now. I want to crash your party!

Serenityville said...

It's ok, I know if I were a more reliable blogger I'd totally be top of your list. I have a new blog! Come say hi.

Making It Work Mom said...

Thanks so much for the top 5 listing. I have been told it is a really big deal because you know a TON of blogs!!!!
I also think Princess and Baby would be a dynamic duo. But dynamic in a sneaking out in the middle of the night, drinking too many beers, and coming home with tatoos way.


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