Friday, January 21, 2011

My Introduction for BlissDom '11

Blissdom Conference ~ Nashville ~ January 26-28, 2010
So as I've already let you know (once or twice or a hundred times...), I'm speaking next week on the legal panel at BlissDom.

Last year's BlissDom was my very first experience at a blogging conference.  I loved every.single.minute of it. (Errrr...except for drinking too much on the first night, as my roomie Jennifer can attest.  This year?  I'm going with the No Mixing of Alcohols Drinking Plan, thankyouverymuch.)

My fellow panelists and I made introductory videos.

Say hi to Charlene.

And Sara.

And me!

(OMG - you have no idea how many outtakes it took just to get this.)


Blair@HeirtoBlair said...

Looking forward to meeting you & hearing your panel!!

Christine said...

Congratulations and good luck speaking!

Making It Work Mom said...

Aside from some mild motion sickness I thought it was great. Love the boys giggling in the background.

Vodka Logic said...

Great looking kids you have in the trenches with you.

I won't be going to Blissdom but have a great time.


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