Thursday, January 20, 2011

Monsters, Artwork and Push-Up Pops

My creative, silly, spacey, RANDOM middle child.

My Middle.

Here's just a few of his latest crack-ups:

Baby was fooling around (as usual) at the dinner table, making funny faces and trying to make everyone laugh.  He was pretending to be a monster.

Middle:  "Look at him!  He looks just like Franklinstein!"

Also known as:  FrankLINstein

Then there's this masterpiece:

This cracks me up every time.

Last night, the boyz were eating dessert.  Middle had a push-up pop.  As he was licking it, he looked over to me and proclaimed, "Yum!  This flavor tastes just like tricycle!"

Me:  ???

Him:  "Tricycle!  You know, that orange and white ice cream we sometimes buy?"

Me:  "Oh........I think you mean CREAMSICLE, bud."

Also known as:  tricycle-flavored

You guys, it's totally for these reasons why I blog.

To make myself write it down.

To laugh.

To remember.


justme said...

i am sorry but your boys have it wrong. it needs to be boys drool girls rule b/c that is all i hear here at my house

Cyndy Bush said...

This sounds EXACTLY like my youngest son. He is our one-man entertainment committee. His latest: "I know the F-word. FIGHT!"

Maureen said...

Those are my most favorite mom moments.

Yesterday Brendan asked if I remembered playing the Spongebob game with him. I strongly dislike Spongebob, so I insisted we didn't play that game. Then he set the scene. I remembered. We played Connect 4 - not Spongebob, but he thought the game looked like the character. I about drove off the road.

Good stuff...

Anonymous said...

Oh, how funny. Having boys just make you laugh. All the time.

k e r r y said...

I have one of each but, yes I agree with trifitmom... it's girls rule... boys drool!

DIAPERS in the DESERT said...

Super CUTE!!


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