Monday, January 03, 2011

January-diculously Overwhelmed

Happy New Year!

Hold me.  This month is gonna be busy. 

As my (fat) ass rode the exercise bike at 5am this morning (I am nothing if not cliche with my New Years resolutions - OF COURSE I want to lose 20 pounds), I began thinking about what January has in store.

And then I almost fell of the bike.

1.  I just got elected Treasurer of the boyz' Pop Warner football league.  My treasurly duties start this month.  (Tonight is my first official meeting, as a matter of fact.)  And I know, I know, for as much as I complain about all the time that football takes up, as much as I'm there, I figured I may as well make myself useful, you know?  Actually, I totally got talked into it by 2 of my friends who are already on the Board.

2.  Did you know that I'm speaking at BlissDom this month?!  I'm actually pretty psyched to be on this "lawsome" panel (heh) titled "Ignorance is Not Bliss:  Decoding Legal and Tax Implications of Your Success" with my Boston Parent Blogger buddy Charlene Oliver and our presenter Sara Hawkins.  We have already vowed to not be boring and dry and "lawyerly", and there may or may not be costumes involved!  (Oh, and HOLY CRAP, I'm speaking at BlissDom!)

3.  I'm heavily invested in a project at work trying to get a new legal management database system in place.  On top of my normal workload, that is.  My normal workload that involves not only a December calendar year-end, but a January fiscal year-end.  Ooooof.

4.  Eldest and Middle are playing basketball this winter.  Thankfully thankfully thankfully, it is only one night a week for each of them.  So Tuesday and Wednesday nights are hoop nights.  Which merely require me to sit on hard bleachers and pretend to be interested for an hour.  That?  I can handle. 

5.  In the interest of this blog not becoming "In the Trenches of Pukeyhood", I will only casually mention that the stomach bug felled my Hubby as well.  And that he is, BY FAR, the loudest puker EVER.  I can only hope that I don't succumb to it this month, for I have NO TIME to be sick! that I think about it...catching the stomach bug is sure to jump-start my 20-pound weight loss quest...

6.  I'm on the About One Mom Panel!  And let me tell you, this gig couldn't have come along at a better time!  About One is an awesome web service that manages your household information.  I cannot WAIT to start using it.  That is, when I can find the time...


Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

You sounds very very very BUSY~~~ I'm so happy that I get to spend a few days of time with you at Blissdom! You will be Lawsome.

Shell said...

Can't wait for Blissdom! Yours was the only session I'm sure I'm attending- the others are sort of up in the air, but I need that one- I'm so clueless!

The Mommyologist said...

I can't make it to Blissdom but would LOVE to hear your presentation. I have NO CLUE what to do when it comes to taxes for my blog! Help!

And what is it with man-pukers anyway? My hubby is RIDICULOUSLY loud too. It's horrible. I have to sleep in the guest room and turn the fan up on high whenever he gets sick just to block out the noise.

Hope the stomach bug has finally left your little guy had it the other night. It's the worst!

Kimberly said...

My husband is the biggest vagina when it comes to getting sick. He is so dramatic like "blah...I'm's in my eye"...ugh shut up ;)
So cool that you're speaking at blissdom!!! Squeee!

Melissa E. said...

Husbands are the worst when they're sick. Mine acts like he's the only human being to come down with some kind of bug. Hope yours feels better soon.

moosh in indy. said...

My husband has hurled twice during our marriage (10 years) and he was the first in our new house. Needless to say I'm really glad he was the first so I could realize JUST HOW LOUD our downstairs bathroom is (ZOMG THE ECHO!!) before getting pregnant. Oy.
See you in Nashville!


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