Friday, January 07, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Tell me, are you in your forever house?

I mean, when you bought it, did you think, "This is it.  I am done.  I will live here until the day I die.  Amen." ?

Because, for me, I'm just not sure.

Don't get me wrong, I truly love our Trenches.  We've been here for almost 10 years now.  I brought all 3 of my baby boyz home to this place, the only place they know as home.

We (well, my father-in-law) transformed a dingy cement basement into a 3-room finished basement.

Hubby has painted.  Both inside and out.  And put on a new roof.  (Without falling off a ladder, thankfully.)

We've had the driveway paved...

 ...and the front yard landscaped.

And still, there is always more to be done:  A farmer's porch.  A new back deck.  A landscaped back yard.

That's not even taking into account the kitchen.  The small, badly designed kitchen that I have been living with for all these years.  The kitchen with no counter or storage space whatsoever.  The kitchen I hate.

But all that is cosmetic.  Things that can and will, someday, eventually, be fixed.

But but but.

Knowing that we could certainly stay where we are permanently, and be fine with it, Hubby and I still look around nonetheless. "Keeping our options open", as we like to call it.

So we talk about what we'd like in a house.  We dream about that house.   Every once in awhile we find one that beckons.  Yet we never pick up the phone to call the realtor.  And soon enough, that house is sold.  And we shrug our shoulders and say, "Oh well.  We're fine here."

And then we find something like this:
I find my heart beating a bit faster as I look at the pictures.  Imagining the possibilities.  Daydreaming about the boyz splashing in the pool.  Mentally decorating.

But then I think about our Trenches.  The only home we've ever known as a family.  Our great location.  The familiarity of our neighbors (Can you say built-in babysitters not only right next door, but right across the street as well!)  My sunroom.  And that damn phrase, "The grass isn't always greener..."

I find my heart beating a bit faster as I think about having to get our house ready to put on the market.  The de-cluttering.  The entire process of getting it "ready to show".  Mentally vomiting.

Nonetheless, we actually take the next step.  We call the realtor. 

There's something about this house. 

This.  House.

And we start to think: Should we? Could we?

So tell me:  Are you in your forever house?  How do you know?


Michele R said...

Our boyz have known 2 or 3 homes and the market is very bad so we could not sell. No one would want my hideous kitchen. Ditoo on master bath. We paid more for current house of 5 years than we could get for it. And taxes go up big time every year since so many homes are empty these days (GA has one of the worst foreclosure statistics--you miss 2 payments and you are on the street--no lingering at all).
Hubs and I will stay put for the rest of the boyz school years but other than that have no ties, and we'd much rather join a pool that is in another 'hood than have our own.
We'll go to a one story brick ranch with a basement when we are older and we may very likely not stay in same town.
You have the best neighbors.

Jen said...

We are totally in our forever house. We built it to grow old with us. Sure, I still like to look but we will NEVER move.

And that house looks like the one in Marly and Me, you know that dog movie.

Beth said...

My hubby and I talk about this often. I can see us both ways. We're on the fence. We're certainly not looking, but I someday envision us with land and animals. That's my dream anyway.

I don't think it'll ever actually happen. My boys will grow too fast, and I won't want animals just for myself. I can see my boys growing in our home forever. It is convient living next door to the school campus!

Rita Templeton said...

I know we're in our "forever" house. Or, at least, our "until the boys are grown and gone" house. For a little over half of our marriage, Curtis was in the Air Force, and we moved five times in six years - so when he got out and we found this house, I was ready to stay. Luckily, we found exactly what we wanted. There are lots of things I'd like to do to it, but only because they're embellishments (a bigger deck, more landscaping in the back) - not because it really needs anything. If we never did a thing with it, I'd still be happy here.

I love your existing house ... but I love the new one, too. It's so hard to choose!

ETsmommy said...

Nope, we're not. We are in our starter home. I'm actually surprised that we have been in it for this long (going on 6 years). We want to move to get better school districts for my little man. Hopefully this year, since next year he'll be in kindergarten!!

Life As I Know It said...

We're probably here until the boys are through with school, and then we're back into a city.

But - if great job opportunities came along we'd consider moving.

That house you posted looks a lot like ours (and I do not love our house)...the pool is a lot of work and we're spending a lot of time updating the 70s decor inside.

Come on over this summer for a swim :)

Blair@HeirtoBlair said...

I am so right there with you.

I love my home. We brought our son home there. It's full of light & laughter & love & it's cozy.

But then I see pictures of other houses, closer to work. With more formal rooms that will better fit my style. & cheaper mortgages. & I think, "Maybe I should call a Realtor."

Vodka Logic said...

You home is lovely. The one you posted is nice too... love the old look to it. A pool would be great esp while the boys are young. Hell, I'd love a pool..

My kids have known two homes..they are very adaptable.

justme said...

no we are not in our forever home, we are trying to sell and it is hard - i love our home b/c it has charm, old victorian but the space is tight.....but i don't want to move into something unless i love it.

Kimberly said...

When we were looking for our first home, we knew that we were eventually move once we had wee ones. 7 years later, we are still in the same house. We still plan on moving but in all honesty, I love my home and would be satisfied staying. Love is on the walls. Memories good and bad. This was the first place in my entire life that I felt safe to call MY HOME ;)

Shell said...

Oooh, a pool and all that space! But, I HATE moving.

We are not in our forever home. But, the next one better be.

Dorothy said...

Don't do it. We moved to our 'forever' home 6 years ago and I am ready to sell if the market were better. It has a pool that is work and not used enough to really justify the expense. The house is very roomy with a big yard and a lot of work to maintain. I sometimes feel like the house rules our lives. We long to move back to our old smaller, cozier house, but will stick it out until the market is better. Sorry to be such a downer, but sometimes the dream is better than the reality. I guess I just long for my old, simpler life.

Kristina said...

We moved a lot when we were young and now that we are adults we went back to the very first house where we lived and bought it. It's what we call home. And this is our forever home.

Just my opinion.... your current home is cozy and homey. And the one you like may be big but.... It just doesn't cut our for me. Even if it has a better kitchen.

Judy said...

My family moved a lot when I was little...well, until my parents retired in fact. My dad is a minister, so we went wherever the church sent him. So, I have a HUGE aversion to moving.

Granted, my husband and I have lived in four different places since getting married 18 years ago, but we've been in our house now for 7.5 years and I lovelovelove it. I'd love to have a fourth bedroom. I'd love an office. I'd love more space than our suburban neighborhood gives us. But, I love our house. Will we be here forever? Probably not. And yes, we look all.the.time. It is hard as the kids get older, though, to think about relocating. And, if my family is happy, then this is a good place for us.

Jodie said...

Do IT! It's the scariest thing ever to leave the home you brought your babies to but you will move as a family and make wonderful new memories. The whole process of selling, buying, packing, unpacking, new/higher bills is all horrible but at the end of the day when you sit down and look around your new home it is so worthy. Speaking from one gal that you know just went through all of that a year ago this Thursday:) Besides, I want to slum at your pool this summer!!!!

Marie said...

No we are not in our forever home. We would truly love to move but it looks like we are stuck here a while longer.

Rebecca said...

I am most definitely NOT in my forever house. My forever house would have more than 1 square foot of counter space in the kitchen. We do want a pool (or space to build one) as I come from Long Island...the land where everyone has a pool even though you're surrounded by water.

We're going to attempt the big move in 2012!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, we are in our forever house. We bought it as a 145-year-old fixer-upper on six acres in rural upstate NY. Although we moved here when our first two children were two and four years old, they really know of no other home. My third child was born in the living room. All of our major family events have happened here. We've poured a ton of blood, sweat, and money into working on the place. And it will be 100% paid for in three years.

But, like you, my husband and I will talk about giving up the house for something with less maintenance, or closer to town, or even in another state. Heck, we've even got a real estate agent. Sometimes we'll decide we're done and we're ready to sell and leave...and we never do. I guess there is a difference between imagining living someplace else--which, yes, I can, and I'd probably enjoy that, too--and actually leaving everything we've built (literally and figuratively) behind.

mypixieblog said...

I love the pics of your current home but I understand that sometimes change is necessary and keeps us on our toes. I live in an apartment now and have moved three times in the past four years. I'm sure I don't have a fraction of the things you do but it'll take some convincing to have me do it again. Best of luck!

Suburb Sierra said...

We are totally in our forever move for me is when they cart me out, either to assisted-living or the funeral home.

How do you know? You just sort of know...because you stop looking.

(throw this back in my face in 5 years when you see me post that we're moving...okay?)


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