Friday, January 14, 2011

Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are!

To be sung to Rhianna's "Only Girl (in the World)"

I want you to come here
Cuz it's a good read
Keep thinkin' of me
Doin' what I like
So moms forget about the world
Cuz it's gon' be me and you tonight
I wanna make you relate to me
Then imma make you laugh out loud

Want you to make me feel
Like I'm the only Mom on the 'Net
Like I'm the only one that you'll ever read
Like I'm the only one who feels your pain
Only Mom on the 'Net
Like I'm the only one who's in your reader
'Cause I'm the only one who understands
How you feel as a Mom

Want you to make me feel
Like I'm the only blogger you read
Like I'm the only place you'll leave a comment
Like I'm the only one whose words make you laugh
Only one.


Is this a pathetic enough plea to get you to let me know you're here,
on this Delurking Day in the blogosphere?

So just leave a comment with your middle name...
and make me feel not-so-lame.


Blair@HeirtoBlair said...

hi :)

Kim - Mommycosm said...

I'm here. Not really delurking because you already know I'm reading. Right?

Golden said...

I read every time you feed my reader!

Classy Fab Sarah said...

Happy De-lurking Day!!

anne nahm said...


Beth said...

Hello! I'm reading!

Sarah said...

Loyal reader, lax commenter. ;)

Fellow HWS alum.

nicesweetgurl said...

Ok, I guess I can come out from lurking for at least today. =)
Happy Friday!

Michele R said...

You're on my blogroll and I read you.

Shell said...

Of course I read you, my fabulous friend!

Maureen said...

Of course, I'm here!

Lindsay N. said...

Oh hi, I read but don't really comment! :) I wish it were easier to comment on blogs read through a reader...(am I the only one who understands what I'm trying to say here?) Keep doing what you're doing and I'll keep reading!

Carolyn said...

Hi! Love your blog...I try and check it often. :-)

DIAPERS in the DESERT said...

I'm reading... ALL the TIME.. The hubby steals the internet sometimes while I'm reading and then I can't comment- Good thing he is at work today. :)

Janelle Halverson said...

Love your blog!!! Happy de-lurker day!

Rebecca said... that song is stuck in my head! I don't know if I lurk here or not! I seriously can't remember! I have issues...have a great weekend!

Rita Templeton said...

I'm TOTALLY lurking. :) Well, I guess not any more, technically, since I'm commenting.

Anyway - I like your lyrics better than Rihanna's!

Gwen said...


Liz said...

LOVE. YOUR. BLOG. I check it every night. As a mom of 3 boys ages 7, 5 and 8 months I can relate to so much of what you write but I rarely comment. I guess as a reader (and someone who doesn't have a blog) I never realized the importance of comments from your end... always thought they were more of a nuisance to you. Will try to be better about that! Keep making me laugh out loud!

Cyndy Bush said...

I'm not so much a lurker as a slacking commenter. And my middle name is Awesome.

Katrina said...

I'm a day late but I'm here. I rarely leave comments but I read all the time!

Angella said...

Hellooooooo. I know I'm a day late, but that pesky work keeps getting in the way. :)

Katherine said...

My middle name? Ack. Really? I really REALLY have to do that?

It is Jean.

I was named after my Aunt and I always hated that name. I loved Aunt Jean, don't get me wrong. But I wanted to be Katherine Maria or Katherine Rainbows and Unicorns... not Katherine JEAN. Maybe because when mom was mad at me it was always, "Katherine JEAN!" LOL!

B's Mom said...

Still reading!

Dorothy said...

It's Dian.

Anonymous said...

Thank You so much for making me feel not alone in this crazy part of mommyhood.


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