Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Cinch! Book Review

A new year!  A new diet!  Who's with me?!


Oh c'mon.  You know I am never one to shy away from a potentially embarrassing chance to lose weight.

I mean, I did the fruit flush.

And then there was the Arbonne 7 Day Sea Spa Cleanse...which almost caused me to have a *major accident*.

Which brings me to this.

Cinch! is by The New York Times bestselling author Cynthia Sass, who also coauthored Flat Belly Diet.

I felt like the book was talking directly to me:  "When your pattern is that you have no pattern, it's impossible to know when you are hungry or full.  So, at times you end up eating less than your body needs, which triggers a metabolism slowdown to conserve energy.  [Okay, maybe that's not me.]  At other times you overeat [there I am!] so excess calories get socked away in your fat cells.  Your energy slumps, and you become irritable [who, me?!]:  you might find yourself fighting with your husband [*guiltily averts eyes*]...and depression, anxiety and either weight gain, or at least, failure to lose weight aren't uncommon under these circumstances..."

Cinch! advises that the answer to all this inconsistency is ORDER, with a plan based on simple steps that teach you to eat in a way that becomes "intuitive and liberating".

On this plan, there are no processed foods, no artificial additives, and no soda

(That'd be my empties at work.)

Cinch! is a 30-day plan with a 5-day, 5-food ONLY, fast forward option.

This 5-day "fast forward" option hints that I could lose UP TO 7 POUNDS!  IN JUST 5 DAYS!

But only if I subsist on the following 5 food items:

Organic eggs
Nonfat plain organic yogurt

...and eat them 4 times a day, in the form of

1.  a scramble (breakfast)
2.  a parfait (lunch)
3.  a salad (dinner)
4.  a smoothie (snack)

The recipes are included in the book. 

I just may try this.

(If only for the bloggability factor.)

And if I happen to lose 7 pounds in the process?


So stay tuned...

Thanks to One2One Network, I was given an uncorrected proof of Cinch! for review.  The (warped) opinions expressed herein are mine. 


HaB said...

7 pounds in 5 days?!?!?!!! I'd be very curious to know how that worked out. Good luck!

Maureen said...

Can't wait to hear... and if it works, consider me a convert.

Anonymous said...

PLEASE POST UPDATE!! I'm contemplating this book now and wondering how the 5 days went?


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