Thursday, December 23, 2010

Decking our Halls With Poop and Vomit

Text messages exchanged between Hubby and I last night:

Pre-Celtics game:

Me:  Big Papi is here at The Fours!!!

Him:  Whatever.

Me:  Jealousy gets you nowhere.
During game:

Hubby:  Just saw you on tv.

Me:  No way!!!  Was I eating?

Hubby:  Probably.

Me:  David Ortiz is obviously following us.  He's here at the game.  Trying to get picture.

Just after start of 4th quarter:

Hubby:  Eldest threw up all over his room again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Note:  We've been battling the stomach bug in the Trenches.  I haven't written about it because it makes me extremely stabby.  Eldest vomited last week and missed 2 days of school.  Middle missed school yesterday.  Baby's stomach has been "off" but he hasn't missed any school.   And now Eldest.  AGAIN.)

Me:  Fuck.  Leaving now.

Hubby:  Sorry.

Hubby:  Threw up in his sleep!

Me:  Gross.

Hubby:  He's sleeping on the couch in the sunroom.  Doing laundry.

Me:  What did he eat? 

(Note:  Was just curious as to what kind of vomit Hubby had to clean up.  Because last week?  It was CHICKEN TACOS that I was scrubbing out of the bedding and carpet.)

Hubby:  Had cereal for supper and 2 cookies for dessert.  Had pretzels and pub cheese for snack.  Maybe the pub cheese bothers his belly...because that's what he threw up.

Me:  It doesn't matter what he ate - it's the STOMACH BUG!!! 

Note:  My mom, dad and brother arrive today for Christmas.  Lucky them!  Guess what they're getting for Christmas from us?


Michelle said...

Oh no! I hope everyone feels better soon! I loved the text messages....made me laugh

Making It Work Mom said...

OMG the text message exchange about being on TV and if you were eating made me laugh really loud, probably too loud.
I found this whole post soooo funny, maybe I just like to read about others misery.
Sorry for the boys. We have not had the stomach bug this year. We had a little scare when Princess threw up on Wednesday morning, but she powered through and has been fine ever since.


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