Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Poop Crybaby

So there are all kinds of graffiti happening in my Trenches.

The boyz are on a rampage.

With each other.

But hey, who am I to stop them in their creativity?  Who am I to hinder their writing progress?  Who am I to halt their love of learning and words?

It seems that whenever someone creates a writing project, colors a picture, or basically LEAVES ANY SORT OF PAPER lying (laying?) around, it becomes fair game.

For the resident graffiti artists.

For example, 5 year old Baby spent quite a bit of time on this pencil and paper rendering of a house:

Isn't it lovely?

But alas, his work of art was defaced. 

Which, of course, immediately made him cry.  Like a baby.

And now?

They are starting to attack me!

Guess what I just discovered at the end of my grocery list?

"Poop Crybaby 2010"!

Needless to say, Santa Claus is NOT bringing any new art supplies to our Trenches this year.


Kimberly said...

HAHAHAHAH!!! Poop Crybaby. I bet you busted out laughing in the grocery store.

Shell said...

LOL I'd have to laugh if I saw that on my list.

Janelle Halverson said...

This made me nearly spit water all over everything- Poop Crybaby! I am such a child!


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