Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Family of Bucky Beavers

All this time, I blamed myself.

For Eldest's teeth.

BUCK TEETH, that is.

You see, I was verrrrryyyyy familiar with orthodontia when I was young.  Retainers, braces, a NIGHT brace, rubber bands, etc etc etc.

From sixth through eighth grade.

Throw in Coke-bottle glasses and a head of PERMED hair.

Yep, I was HAWT.

And then, to add insult to injury, after I thought I had escaped those "ugly duckling" years once and for all...

I had to get braces on my teeth AGAIN!

This time, I was a sophomore in COLLEGE.

(Kinda hard to pass for 21 when you have a mouthful of BRACES.)

So when Eldest's adult front teeth started coming in and growing...

and growing...

and GROWING, I felt kinda bad.

Especially because Hubby always made a point to remind me that he NEVER had braces.  Nope, not him. 

But then...

We were over at Hubby's parents' house.

And his mom pulled out a picture.

And casually remarked, "I just had to find this.  Eldest reminds me so much of [Hubby]."

Obviously, not all the buck teeth issues come from me.  Obviously.


jules said...

I know the feeling, I went through all that too.......except for the second time around thing. Yikes!

DIAPERS in the DESERT said...

They look IDENTICAL!! Love the pic! My hubby never had braces. I however had braces for years!! I didn't get my wisdom teeth pulled when I needed to and although the "buckness" is gone, they aren't perfectly aligned like a parent who forked over all that money for stripes of metal would expect. I hope my daughter gets her father's teeth.

Michele R said...

My hubs never had braces and he told me he felt he had buck teeth as a kid. And then his head grew. And grew. So, he grew into them. he has the straightest teeth ever. I on the other hand paid for my own braces at age 28.
As far as the boys go...the teeth looked big and crazy when they first grew in and by age 10 or so they completely straightened out. the bottom teeth though are crooked. Not sure I wanna pay $5,000 to straighten bottom teeth so no braces here yet.


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