Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Running a Half Marathon

So.  Yes.  I did it.

Shortly after I made the decision to run, I found out that my brother Dan had NO intention of running.  Hrmph.  So it wasn't going to be a sister-sister-brother running affair after all.  Just sisters.  One wayyyyyy faster than the other.  (Clue:  Not me.)

My concerns:

1.  That I wouldn't be able to finish.
2.  That I would come in last place.

Happily, neither of those things happened on Sunday.  Go me!

The morning of the race dawned bright and chilly.  Temps were low 40's. 

But wait.  This wasn't a morning race.  Nope.  The frigging race didn't start until 1pm!  Which totally threw me off.  I'd soooo much rather get up early and go run a race.  Just roll outta bed, get dressed, and RUN.  Now I had to think about what to eat, WHEN to eat and HOW MUCH to eat.  Grrrr.

So I settled on a whole wheat bagel with cream cheese.  And 64oz of water.  And a banana on the way to the race.
 (all smiles on the shuttle to the starting line)

The start of the race was at the local community college.  High up on a hill.

My Sis and her friend Jill convinced me to start at the FRONT, since the race was a shotgun start without timing chips.

I, on the other hand, was convinced that I'd be trampled by skinny men in tank tops.

Thankfully I wasn't.  I just stayed to the side as everyone passed me right out of the gate (including Jill and my Sis).  Probably not a good move on my part, psychologically, to put myself in a position where I'd be passed right away constantly.  Oh well.

But it certainly made me run faster.

My Mile 1 time was 8:52.

Now, I had been warned that the first part of the course was "hilly".  And it was.  But it was rolling hills, which I'm used to training on.  After 4 miles, I thought the hills were done.

I think it was at Mile 5, there was the Mother of All Hills.  (And this pic is NOT it.  This was merely one of the "rolling hills".)

I may have sworn a few times as I approached this behemoth.

But then?  After that?  Miles 6 through 9 were gently sloping downhill.  I felt great.

As a matter of fact, at Mile 8, if I had been running 10 minute miles, my time would have been 1 hr 20 min.  I was at 1 hr 16 min.  I had a good pace going!

And then I hit Mile 10.

The last 3 miles of the course were completely FLAT.

And I?

Had NOTHING left.

It was as if I was trudging through a swamp.  I could not WILL my legs to move any faster.

My pace slowed wayyyyy down those last 3 miles.

I seriously thought the race would never end.

The last part of the race was over a bridge to the finish line.

My Sis (who had already finished with a time of 1 hr 55 min) ran back to find me:

(see how she's smiling and I'M SO NOT?)

And well, I did it.

I finished.
With a time of 2 hours, 9 minutes.
The End


Fairly Odd Mother said...

Go you!!!! So awesome you did it. And I love when I complain of a hill and someone says, "what hill?" I can feel ANY incline!

HaB said...

wOOt wOOt!!! GOOD FOR YOU!!!!

I completely spaced that you were running the Red Baron 1/2 marathon. Shoot! I could have come and cheered you on! Since I live only 20 minutes away! Bummer!

I hear you though on not having any legs for the "flat". I had that probably last night. I'm so used to running rolling hills/inclines that I struggled until about 2 miles in on a 4 mile run in town last night cause it was all flat.

Kim - Mommycosm said...

I bow to you.

I wouldn't want to do something ENJOYABLE for 2 hours and 9 minutes. Definitely would not run for that long.

Maureen said...


You are awesome and an inspiration!

Monnik said...

Congrats! What an accomplishment. I'm so impressed!

Classy Fab Sarah said...

Congrats!!! You are so amazing!! YAY!!

Jodie said...

Yeah Sarah - You are a rock star. Can't wait to hear more details in person. Jodie

Rebecca said...

Woohoo!!!!!!! So proud of you!

Rachael said...

Awesome! Congratulations!

bohomamasoul said...

WOOOO HOOOOO!! I cannot tell you how proud I am of you. That's an incredible accomplishment! And you had a GREAT TIME! Mama, you are one hardcore runner :) And you looked fab doing it, too.

countryfriedmama said...

Yay you! I decided to try running again after a big, horrid post-partum fail last year.

I went one mile yesterday. One. My hips hurt. I am most impressed by your half-marathon.

Queen Mother said...

Girl-I don't know if you remember me from The Tarnished Tiara, but I just ran my first half marathon, too! It was HARD. I'm running my second in February. I hope you are well.


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