Sunday, November 28, 2010

Black Friday Shopping - A Timeline

Thanksgiving night - 8:55pm - Get in bed and set alarm for 11:30pm.

11:25pm - Eagerly wake up before alarm; start getting dressed and high-five a less than sober Hubby who is just on his way to bed.

11:45pm - Wake up Sis.

12:04am - Head out door with shopping plan in place.  Coupons have been cut; deals have been circled; and caffeine has been ingested.

12:15apm - Pull into Walmart parking lot and wonder why cars are leaving.  See line of people at Walmart entrance and wonder why doors aren't yet open.  Head out to investigate, only to find out that huh, Walmart doesn't open at midnight, AS THEIR FLIER INDICATED.  Say lots of swear words about Walmart.

12:20am - Sit in car with Sis and ponder going back to bed until the 3-4am openings, but then realize that no, THAT WOULD BE QUITTING.  Vow to trudge onward.

12:40am - Head to shopping plaza, where only store open is Old Navy.  Realize that line snakes all the way through store, but figure it doesn't matter, because Kohls doesn't open until 3am, so there is plenty o' time to kill.

2:30am - FINALLY reach checkout, after waiting in line for ONE AND A HALF HOURS.  Sweating.  But manage to snag a $50 winter coat for Eldest for $13!  (Among other things, that is.  Please don't think I waited all that time for just one item.  Hellz no.)  Chug a 5-hr energy drink.

2:40am - Meet up with friends who are already in line at Kohls.  In the rain.

3:40am - Manage to get in and out of Kohls in 40 minutes.  Suh-weet!  Receipt shows savings of $137.  Feel mildly satisfied.

3:45am - Stand in line outside Target for 4am opening.  In the rain.

4:00am - Rush into Target to electronics department to stand in line for iPods (I was buying 3 shuffles; Sis was buying 3 nanos).  Take turns standing in line while other person shopped.

4:50am - Hit wall.  Want to slink to floor and go nighty-night.  Continue WAITING IN LINE.

5:10am - Still waiting...


6:00am- Reach checkout after 2 HOURS.  Want to cry from exhaustion.

7:00am - Home sweet zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

So my Sis and I shopped for 7 hours, approximately 4 hours of which were spent waiting in line. 


Between the 2 of us, we did manage to save about $500.

And I'm quite confident that all the items I purchased were at the lowest price I could possibly get. 

And part of doing it is for the sheer festivity.  The atmosphere of Black Friday.  The people-watching.  The scoping out what other people are buying.  The adrenaline.  The tradition of Black Friday shopping.

I wouldn't have it any other way.

And you?


Classy Fab Sarah said...

Well, since I work retail I was the person opening my store at 5 am on Friday. Woohoo! But I can't completely complain because it was a SUPER-FUN day and awesomely busy.

I love the idea of BF shopping but honestly? The line just kills me. I'm just not into the lines. Hence why I've never been a big Black Fri shopper. If I have gone in the past, I literally sprinted for my 1 item, grabbed it, and went to get in line first. In and out. It's my only way.

Sounds like you got some great deals though! Definitely worth it!

Fairly Odd Mother said...

Wait, Walmart had a flier that said "open at midnight" and then they WEREN'T!?!

I'm glad you got great deals but this isn't anything I'd ever do even if Old Navy was throwing clothes into my bag for free. The only way you'll convince me to stay up all night is to ply me with alcohol, lots of dancing and the promise of a full day off to sleep the next day without interruption. Hey, that sounds kind of fun. . .

Kimberly said...

Dayummm! You're like a super star on Black Friday. We don't have that in Canada but we do have boxing day. I haven't been brave enough to hit up the stores though. That would require LOTS of patience which I do not own ;)

Michele R said...

I started going 5 years ago with my sis-in-laws at whichever town we were all in (we rotate Thanksgiving). We go to bed at about midnight and get up around 3:30 for a 4:00 line up. I have to say that in various cities in GA and FL we have never had to wait to check out more than 3 carts or so in line = maybe 15 mins at each store. Some in laws have gotten in line sooner if they are getting a TV.

Draft Queen said...

OMG you are crazy, lady!

I shopped from my cozy living room.

Jen said...

Really, I have no words. ;)

Michelle said...

I can't believe you actually did that! I like getting black friday deals with the rest of em but I draw the line at waking up at 4am...much less midnight!!

Amy said...

I went to an art museum with my mom. No BF shopping at all.

You ROCK BF - I'm amazed!

I think I'm more of a Cyber Monday kind of girl!

Life As I Know It said...

I would rather pay extra to have it shipped to me than stand in line at any time of day. I am so not a shopper!

Sounds like you did well, though! And I can see the fun in doing it every year with your sister and friends. But still...I'd rather be sleeping :)

Kim - Mommycosm said...

Um, yeah. I slept in. Ate a big breakfast. Drove to WalMart to find out they were sold out of the camera I wanted.

Went home and bought it online... and enjoyed the rest of my day.

That's all.

You're a Black Friday Rockstar!!

bohomamasoul said...

Dude, you are hardcore! I really wanted to go this year, but my giant, pregnant ass just couldn't bring itself out the door. You did save some serious moolah though, and it's totally worth it when you actually score deals. Next year, I'm so down with Black Friday....unless I'm too tired or scared....or pregnant again! Okay, that's just insane talk right there.

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Maureen said...

You are a rock star.

When we were running errands and shopping around that afternoon, we ran into my son's preschool teacher. She was up all night. She, like you, said it's all about the atmosphere and tradition.

Ashley said...

It truly is about the tradition and the atmosphere for me as well. Some people are just not cut out for it though.

But the lines to check out are truly the worst. It's crazy to think that people (myself included) stand in line for over an hour one day out of the year, yet any other day? 10 minutes seems excruciating.



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