Monday, October 11, 2010

My Ultimate Family Vacation

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Let's be honest.  A vacation with children isn'tsomuch a vacation, is it?  I mean, as a Mom, you continue to have to do the things you normally do (referee fights, wipe noses and butts, enforce bedtime, etc.) only you are now simply performing your motherly duties in a different locale.  With children who are hyped up and off their normal routine because VACATION!!!!!!!! WAHOOOOO!!!!

(Sometimes you find yourself driving 16 hours to get there.)

(And sometimes you find yourself giving your child a donut at 4:30am at the airport.)

If you asked my boyz what their ultimate family vacation would be? It wouldn't be Disney. It would be going here. Yes.  Sad but true.

And Hubby?  Hubby's ultimate family vacation would schlepping all of us to a bunch of major league ballparks.  Yes.  Sad but true.

But for me, I think the ultimate family vacation would be a cruise (which we've never done) or an all-inclusive family resort (which we also have never done). 

A family vacation that would allow us as a family to create new and everlasting memories, but would (more importantly) also allow me time AWAY from my children, as there would be some sort of Kids Camp at which they could joyfully participate...

(while Momma sunbathes whilst sipping a fruity cocktail with a straw umbrella in it)

(or perhaps enjoys valuable "alone time" with Hubby)

(or hell, reads a book uninterrupted)!

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Erin I'm Gonna Kill Him said...

A Nickelodeon Hotel??? Oy, I fear being a mother to children who understand the world of commercialism and marketing. Mine are still young enough to believe that 'Dora went to sleep' when I don't want it on. Yes, changing diapers on a different table...that's vacation. But I'll take it anyway!


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