Thursday, October 21, 2010

10 Things I Learned in My First Bosu Class

First of all, THIS is a bosu:

It's like half of an exercise ball with a flat, plastic bottom.  It is used for exercises such as this:

It's all about CORE and BALANCE.

So this was my experience.  In top 10 form:

1.  That the class started at 5:30am this morning.  Not 5:45.  Strike One.

2.  That missing warmup is NOT A GOOD IDEA.  Especially if you are jumping on a foreign, squishy thing. (That's what she said.  Heh.)

3.  That I have no balance.

4.  That I have no core strength.  (Hi, 3 c-sections.)

5.  That I was the only one in the frickin class over 120 pounds.

6.  That I am WELL over 120 pounds.

7.  That I don't like to stare at myself in a mirror (see #6).  Especially if it's not my "skinny" mirror in my dimly lit bedroom.

8.  That even though I may be able to run for over an hour without stopping, that I am sorely OUT OF SHAPE.

9.  That bosu, loosely translated, must certainly mean "torture".

10.  That I will be going back next Thursday morning.  This time, at 5:30am. 


11.  That I easily won't be able to walk tomorrow.  Guaranteed.


Angella said...

Dude. We use a Bosu at Boot Camp and I can tell you this: It's of the debbil.

Mari said...

Looks scary - good for you for sticking it out!

Golden said...

You lost me at 5:30.

justme said...

i am always surprised that even though i run or spin all the time a strength class sends me to hell and makes me feel so out of shape. the great part about it is that it will help your running as well !!!

great job

Serenityville said...

I'm with you sistah...I worked out yesterday for the first time in months....and am SO sore today. Painful to walk. But kinda nice, ya know? You know I still have a blog, right? xoxo

mademommy said...

5:30?!?!?! Good gracious. As a mother, it's impossible to get anywhere on time and I've found that getting out the door to go anywhere at any time is a small victory itself. So I applaud you and your butt, which is probably still sore. I keep trying to tell myself squats and lunges aren't the enemy... the cookie jar is! But I keep finding myself digging in for another double chocolate chip!


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