Thursday, September 16, 2010

Me and My DVR

I hatehatehate watching live TV these days.  It's completely dumbed down.  From the proclamations of "coming up next!" just before a commercial (so why would you need to watch it?  It's COMING UP NEXT), or the replays of what JUST HAPPENED BEFORE THE DAMN COMMERCIAL, I swear us viewers are being forced to watch the same scenes like 3 times in one episode.

No thanks.

So I DVR everything.

For example, last night, after the boyz went to bed, Hubby and I sat down at 8:15 to watch the season premiere of Survivor (where Jimmy Johnson is easily guaranteed at least 50% of the entire screen time) on the DVR.  We finished it right at 9.  THEN, I watched last week's premiere of The Vampire Diaries.  (Do you watch this show??? Is it weird that I have never seen an episode of True Blood, but wouldn't miss Vampire Diaries? Every male on there is soooo smokin'.)


THEN I watched the two hour season finale of Big Brother.  And was in bed by 11:00. 

You do the math.

...Ok, let me do it for you:  I managed to watch 4 hours' worth of television shows in less than 3 hours.

Lookit all that time I saved!

Giving me extra time to blog, facebook and twitter find a cure for cancer and solve world peace, of course.

What shows are awaiting you on your DVR?


HaB said...

We watch very little live TV. Actually, I really can not remember the last time, other than maybe a Yankee game or a football game that we watched live TV. It's a waste of time.

I have a habit of recording shole seasons of shows & then watch it over the course of a week. In that last three weeks I have watched two season worth of CSI:Las Vegas, CSI:Miami and Lie to Me. And, I have all of last season's Parenthood to catch up on. It works for us. :)

Michele R said...

I have been burning up the dvr too. I circle what I want in the TV guide that comes with the Sun paper and each day at dinner ask the boys to dvr my stuff for me!
Doh! I forgot about Survivor! Have not weatched it in years but wanted to this time for the older vs. younger. I dvr Top Chef, Top Model, Proj Runway, next week Modern Family, Parenthood, misc specials...

Mommy McD said...

I'm the same way! I don't often watch live TV - unless I'm desperate to kill even more brain cells.
And, I read the True Blood series - instead of watching it, so that I can make time for things like the Vampire Diaries... smokin' hot - definitely.

justme said...

so true, the best show to watch on dvr or tivo is biggest loser, they drag that damn weigh in out for an hour and you can cut it down to about 15 minutes...

Venassa said...

I just finished the finale of Big Brother this morning. I used to be a DVR fanatic until mine started dying so I was missing my shows because it wasn't always taping. I watch a lot less tv without the dvr, but I guess that's a good thing. Well, except I replace that saved time with watching tv on dvd. It all works out.

Manic Mommy said...

I think we're the last people on the planet without DVR. Our cable bill is disgusting enough and until FIOS gets its ass in gear and provides some competition I can use as a threat, we're stuck in this disfunctional relationship with Comcast, excuse me Xfinity - and no DVR.

Shell said...

I love the dvr. On the rare occasions we actually watch live tv, I'm always reaching for the remote to try to fast forward the commercials and disappointed when it doesn't work.

Serenityville said...

Hey, you have 300 followers! You're so cool.
I love the vampire diaries, and while I watch true blood, it's often too graphic sexually and violently for me. It's true, I'm a prude old woman. (betcha haven't heard the word prude in a decade or two)
My faves are glee (in total withdrawal) reality shows (ANTM, bachelor, idol) desperate housewives and my latest, the big bang theory. I miss lost.

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Sincerely Iowa said...

I DVR everything. I don't watch any live TV anymore. One, because I'm very rarely home long enough to watch something from beginning to end. And two, I much prefer to skip through the commercials and have the ability to pause when I need to get something to drink or use the bathroom.

And you're right... you can watch an hour-long show in about 40-45 minutes.... a much-needed time-saver!

Joie said...

Ain't that the truth! I will purposely start watching a show late (on my DVR) so that I can ff through the crap.

I DVR a lot, but I just set up to record the last season of Oprah. I didn't spend a bunch of time ever watching her, but this last season should be fun.

I DVR'd True Blood and Huge. Now they are over.

I cry.

Cassie said...

Since we started using DVR I can't watch live TV anymore because I HATE commercials!

I'm addicted to the Vampire Diaries too!

Amy said...

I only watch Project Runway (if you don't count the kids shows) (and PR sucks this season but I'm watching anyway) and I DVR so I can watch after the kids are in bed. Also, they made it 1.5 hours this season (the season that sucks of course) so I actually skip a lot of the actual show! Last night I jumped right to the runway show, saw who won, and went to bed.

Nancy said...

I watch entirely too much TV, but like you - never live.

What the heck did we do before technology?? Parents *never* got to watch the prime time stuff because the kids kept interrupting! ;)

Pollyanna said...

My kids don't understand the concept of live TV and needing to wait until commercial before going to the bathroom. It's a sad state of affairs.

My husband watches football games in the 1 hour originally allotted per the rules of the game.

We record Big Bang Theory, Glee, Desperate Housewives (a guilty pleasure), and so much more.

In general, our problem now is that the Hubby likes to rewind all the time to catch some phrase he missed - it's not always important to the story, geez!


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