Friday, September 24, 2010

Fun Drink Friday: "Christmas" Cosmos

(Yes, I'm aware that it's not even Halloween.  But this cocktail can be enjoyed any time of the year - trust me!)

So this is a recipe I got from one of my girlfriend's at her annual Christmas party.  She had 2 of the Pottery Barn glass drink dispensers set up with this fun cocktail inside, and frozen cranberries and sliced limes (Get it?  Red and green?  Christmas?) to add as a garnish (and you can freeze the cranberries in ice cubes as well):

Taken from Martha
•1 cup white-cranberry juice
•4 ounces vodka
•2 ounces Cointreau

And of course, being the copycat that I am, I made this concoction myself on Christmas Eve.  I bought my glass dispenser at TJMaxx for about $25, and then got to experimentin'.

Let me tell you, there's a LOT of taste-testing involved when you're trying to fill a huDge pitcher with this stuff.


I also filled some small tupperware containers with water and cranberries and froze them, so my ice blocks would look all fancy n' stuff.

And I don't know about you, but I like my drinks to have a little fizz.  So I added Sprite Zero to the mix as well.

My "fun drink" was a hit!  My father, who normally sticks to beer or gin, literally stood in front of the dispenser, proclaiming how yummy it was. 

"Yes, Dad, I'm aware it's tasty" was my response.  "But there is still a TON of alcohol in it, you know, even though you may not be able to taste it."

Needless to say, he didn't heed my warning.  And that particular Christmas Eve, Poppa was in bed before the children.  And while I unfortunately don't have a picture of the dangerously yummy cocktail itself, I *do* have a picture of Poppa the next morning.


Making It Work Mom said...

So you totally set me up. I was all ready for the drink picture! I think this drink could possibly make holiday gatherings with the In-Laws bearable; possibly in large quantities.

Classy Fab Sarah said...

Sounds delicious!


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