Wednesday, September 22, 2010

4 Years and Counting...

So my 4 year blogging anniversary came and went.  It was last Monday. A day that I had marked on my calendar at work.  Except I didn't go to work that day, as Eldest had suffered a knee injury during his Sunday game, so I was home with him for a trip to the doctor.  (He's fine.  'Twas a bone contusion.  Which sounds so much worse than it was, which was a bruised kneecap.)

But I digress...

4 years.

September of 2006.  When my boyz were 1, 2 and 4.

Oh. My. Lanta.

I was 33 years old.  Working part-time as a paralegal in a law firm.  Naively assuming that I'd ALWAYS be working part-time and that my home life and work life would compliment each other, and that I'd have balance.

HA HA HA HA......Oh, silly me!

Instead, I went back to work full-time in Boston at the end of 2007.  And hated mostly every minute of it.  My commute, my neverending mommy guilt...

Those were some rough years, man.  At times, this blog kept me sane.  It's been a place to vent.  A place to hear that I'm not alone.  A place of community.

Almost a year ago, I changed jobs again.  Still full-time, but closer to home and in an environment where work-life balance is encouraged.  And I've never been happier, career-wise.

Body-wise, though?

Well, I've NEVER been happy with my body.  And I want to go back in time and SMACK MYSELF for all those years I felt insecure in a bikini.  Puh-leeze.

The 33-year old me had a negative body image.  The 37-year old me, sadly, still does.  Only now I am officially at my heaviest weight ever.  *sigh*  (And am currently trying a no-sugar, low fat, low carb diet to remedy the situation.  And consequently, am crabby as hell.)


2010 - 4 years older, wrinklier and 15ish pounds heavier.  Ack!

4 years of blogging has opened many doors for me.  I've experienced opportunities that would never have come along if it weren't for these Trenches of mine.

But it's not the celebrity meetings (Harry Connick Jr., Kelly Ripa) or the product perks that stand out in my mind - it's the connections I've made with real women.  Real women who don't just live in my computer!  Real women who are just like me!  Real women whom I've met through blogging.   

You all know who you are...Jennifer, Jill, Jen, Paula, Julie, Tiffany, Cynthia, Tania, Amy, Kathy, Christina, Christine, Francesca, Audrey..and you and you and you.

Blog friends are real.

Here's to many more blogiversarys!  (God, I hate that word.)


Shell said...

Blog Birthday? Blogday? I don't know.

But, happy day!

Michelle said...

I am sooo glad you started blogging those 4yrs ago! You have been my fav to read ever since I first started reading blogs!

Oh, and I totally know how you feel about your skinnier self. Why is it every picture I look back on I think of how skinny I look.....and at the time I thought I needed to lose weight. Ugh.

Maureen said...

An anniversary to celebrate - I am so grateful for your blog. Thank YOU!

Sandra said...

Four years? Wow...I've been doing it for four months, and each day I wonder how I will come up with fodder for another post. My hats off to you dear lady...and just for the record, you look as fantastic today as you did in your ealier pics.
Good luck with the diet though. I was on it for 7 months (I compete) and I'm surprised my husband didn't divorce me.
I wish you more good experiences!

Classy Fab Sarah said...

Four years?! Holy amazingness!!


Here's to many many more!

Venassa said...

I hate that word as well but hope it was a happy one.

Mary said...

Happy Whateversary! :)

Making It Work Mom said...

Happy Day to you! I hope you celebrated. Though I am not sure how you celebrate with no sugar, no carbs, and no fat. That kind of stinks, sorry.

Christine said...

Cheers! 4 years is a whole lotta blogging. :o)

Rebecca said...

You're still adorable...15 pounds and all! I hate myself for thinking I was "fat" in my younger years too. It's just not true looking back.

Do you hate the word blogosphere too? I hate that word!

Heather said...

Congrats on four years!
It was great to meet you this past year at Blissdom!!

workout mommy said...

my 3 year blogiversary was last week too! i think we should go out and get a drink together.

of water, since we're both trying to lose weight and all. ;)

Manic Mommy said...

Blog friends are definitely real. Happy Blogiversary! And many more!

Paula Reece said...

I can't imagine my life without my REAL friend Sarah! Seriously, why don't we live closer? Congratulations on FOUR YEARS! That's so cool. You were a HUGE inspiration for me when I started blogging, and I feel so blessed to have met you IRL now! The next question is: When do we get to see each other AGAIN?! Blissdom 2011??? Someday we really need to plan a girls' mini-vacay, or maybe I'll just bring all my boys out and we'll invade your home with even more testosterone--and then you and I will leave and drink martinis on the beach. I love you, my friend!

Suburb Sierra said...

Awwww....congrats you! And that body thing....we all can't be Sophia Loren at 80 so relax a little...sugar and crushed grapes are *almost* as good as real blogger friends :)


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