Monday, August 23, 2010

Only Children vs. Siblings

For as long as they can remember, my 3 boyz have always had each other.  Middle came along when Eldest was only 2-1/2, and then well, Baby came along a mere 12-1/2 months after Middle.  It's the only life they've known.  The 3 of them.  The Three Stooges.  My Three Sons.

So it was never made clearer to me than during my parents' 40th anniversary weekend the differences between Only Children and Children Who Have Siblings.

Exhibit A:
 The 5 grandchildren on my parents' side.  My 3, plus my Nephew (who is an only child) and then my Niece (who also is an only child).

With all of us co-habitating in one beach house for the weekend (my parents, us 4 siblings, our significant others, plus 5 grandchildren) it was crowded.  And loud.  And FUN.

My Niece retreated with a book...

Or sat inside with her Mom perusing fashion magazines...

Or sat outside and observed the madness.  With refreshments.

The boys, on the other hand, romped and frolicked in the yard like puppies.  My boyz are totally used to wrestling and playing and roughhousing with each other.  My Nephew, on the other hand?  Notsomuch.  Observe:
Whee!  This is fun.  I love wrestling with my cousins!

Yep.  I'm totally enjoying this.  Even though I just got tossed.

There!  I got one, but wait, there's another one grabbing me!

WTF?! They just keep coming.

And I'm down.  Dammit.

Now I'm pissed.  This is my MAD face, cousin!

But Dad!  He did it first!

And now I shall CHOKE you!

Ouch.  That hurt.

Can't we just go home to my nice quiet house? 

Apparently Only Children aren't used to constant chaos and confusion.  Where someone's always TOUCHING YOU or TEASING YOU or GRABBING YOUR THINGS or NOT SHARING or NOT TAKING TURNS or FOLLOWING YOU or COPYING YOU.

Welcome to my Trenches.


Rita Templeton said...

I can't imagine being an only child (I'm the youngest of seven!), and I couldn't imagine it for my offspring either. But my sister only chose to have one child, and she says it's the greatest thing ever.

To each his own, I guess!

Whirlwind said...

My husband is an only child and then we went and had three girls in under three years. It took HIM along time before he could deal with the chaos. And even know there are times I think he wishes he could run and find a a nice quite place.

DIAPERS in the DESERT said...

So true! I grew up with all brothers. There was always someone copying...wrestling...yelling especially when you were in the middle of doing something and didn't want to be a willing participant. I adore the "and now I shall CHOKE you" pic. My favorite.

Shell said...

My boys sound like yours.

Joie said...

I'm an only. OF a single mother. Yep - I totally relate to the Onlys! I am totally fine sitting alone and reading, going to eat by myself, movies by myself...vacation by myself.

My best friend comes from a litter of 5 kids and has four of her own children.

I need frequent breaks. And a nap. often.

Making It Work Mom said...

There is something to special about sibilings! Your brother or sister is the one person you can be mean, ugly, vindictive, and hateful to and pretty much everyone looks the other way. My three are at the "I HATE YOU" stage, but still everyday at least one of them begs for another sibling. I explain that they don't like the ones they have now and then they just shrug and say "so". I guess liking your siblings isn't the point.

Love the wrestling sequence.

Maureen said...

We have "one of those" only children in our family too - she's still treated well because she's young. But her time will come too. Oh, it will come. I am hoping she's ready for it. Those sibling-surrounded kids (and parents) can be crazy. :)

Great pics. Hope you enjoyed your vaca. Thanks for the kind words last week.

Anonymous said...

I don't know...I have three daughters, and it is certainly noisy around here...but my middle daughter would prefer not to be in involved in things. She's definitely an introvert like her mother. I wasn't an only child, yet my sister is the most outgoing person you ever met, and I'd rather just hang back and enjoy...or read a book.

I have a great friend who is the most playful, loud, in-your-face person...and she's an only child.

It could be that, overall, you're used to different things when you're an only child. Or it could be a personality thing. Or maybe she just wasn't interested in hanging with the boys.

See, now I'm going to be watching kids when they get together and looking for differences between only children and siblings, lol!

countryfriedmama said...

I feel like I can spot a grown, only child within 10 minutes, but enough about that...

Your running stats are unbelievable! Good grief, girl. You are burning up the roads up there, huh? Very impressive.

tiarastantrums said...

haha - too funny!! we have 3 kids and both my brothers have singles - they can't stand to come to my house - utter chaos!!!


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