Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday's Favorite Links

I am always eager to find new blogs and since my blogroll has gotten a bit stale, I thought I'd finish this week by giving you some new reading material and then hopefully you'll reciprocate, m'kay?

Funny of the Week:   This post by JennyMac of Let's Have a Cocktail

Most Motivating PhysicallyRun, Fat Girl, Run

Most Motivating MentallyEnjoying the Small Things

With a Shoutout to My Fellow Local Football MomsMy Life With the Crazies and Making It Work Mom

So comment and leave me a link to a blog in any of the above categories!  Funny post, most motivating physically, most motivating mentally, or a link to someone's blog whom you know in real life!

Have a great weekend!


amanda said...

i am kind of out of the blog loop - so i don't really have any to share. but i 100 times agree about kelle. i even have non-blog real life friends checking in on her world - so amazing.

Ashley said...

Hey Thanks! I kind of needed that today.

JennyMac said...

Thank you for the inclusion!!!

Joie said...

Hm - Ok! I wanna play too!

You should be I am awesome. Duh.

Motivational -

Cause she is the best author EVER -

Cause she seems really sweet -

And there are really a trillion others - well, close to at least. I absolutely adore the blogs I follow, including yours!, and am excited to see what other people add and then check them out!

Vodka Logic said...

Jenny Mac is my blog hero

Student Mommy said...

I'm new to blogging, and, truthfully, have no idea what I'm doing, so advice would be good {{{huge cheesy grin with big doggy eyes}}}.

I can only write about me and mine (who I try to disguise because I'd HATE that to bite me in the ass) and I like to think that them's amusing missives.

As I mentioned before, ADVICE - grovel.



Ohh.. twit...


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