Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday's Favorite Links

I am always eager to find new blogs and since my blogroll has gotten a bit stale, I thought I'd finish this week by giving you some new reading material and then hopefully you'll reciprocate, m'kay?

Funny of the Week:   This post by JennyMac of Let's Have a Cocktail

Most Motivating PhysicallyRun, Fat Girl, Run

Most Motivating MentallyEnjoying the Small Things

With a Shoutout to My Fellow Local Football MomsMy Life With the Crazies and Making It Work Mom

So comment and leave me a link to a blog in any of the above categories!  Funny post, most motivating physically, most motivating mentally, or a link to someone's blog whom you know in real life!

Have a great weekend!


amanda said...

i am kind of out of the blog loop - so i don't really have any to share. but i 100 times agree about kelle. i even have non-blog real life friends checking in on her world - so amazing.

Ashley said...

Hey Thanks! I kind of needed that today.

JennyMac said...

Thank you for the inclusion!!!

Joie said...

Hm - Ok! I wanna play too!

You should be I am awesome. Duh.

Motivational -

Cause she is the best author EVER -

Cause she seems really sweet -

And there are really a trillion others - well, close to at least. I absolutely adore the blogs I follow, including yours!, and am excited to see what other people add and then check them out!

Vodka Logic said...

Jenny Mac is my blog hero

Jenn-Jenn said...

I'm new to blogging, and, truthfully, have no idea what I'm doing, so advice would be good {{{huge cheesy grin with big doggy eyes}}}.

I can only write about me and mine (who I try to disguise because I'd HATE that to bite me in the ass) and I like to think that them's amusing missives.

As I mentioned before, ADVICE - grovel.



Ohh.. twit...


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