Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Only Thing My 5 Year Old Is Afraid Of

This is Baby.
He's five.

He's gross.
(Yes, that IS snot.)

He's messy.

He's oftentimes cranky.

And he's DEFINITELY the coolest kid he knows.
But while seemingly fearless and wise beyond his years, there is only one thing that Baby is afraid of.

And that?

Is weather.

Yes, you read that right.  WEATHER.

Rain, thunder, lightening, even a gust of wind terrifies the kid.  As soon as it merely starts sprinkling out, you can bet that Baby is inside, ordering me to close all the windows and to usher everyone else inside.

The other night, I awakened to him standing by my bedside at 3am.  He wanted to know if the big bad wolf could really blow our house down.  I firmly ushered him back to bed while reassuring him that no, there is no such thing as a big, bad talking wolf and yes, our house is completely sturdy enough to withstand any weather phenomenon.

So does it make me a bad mother that I find this fear of his utterly amusing?  He's such a toughie in every other way.
What irrational fear does your child have?


CBSMom said...

Bless his heart! I can completely understand. I have a 4 year old, Benji. He is a fun loving, normal boy. His fear is WIND!
We can't put the windows in a moving car down, he freaks out. If the wind starts blowing more than a light breeze outside, he started grabbing everything to bring it inside so it won't "blow away."
I'm not sure where this comes from, it is completely irrational, but it is his and we claim it.
I laugh, on the inside, when we put the windows down and he starts screaming, "I'm cold, I'm gonna blow away, PUT UP THE WINDOWS!"
I hand him his "blue" (blur blanket he's had since birth, roll up the windows and tell him it will all be ok. I'm really hoping this is just a phase.

Life As I Know It said...

see, now, actually I'm right there with him. I hate summer thunderstorms (we've had some good ones so far, huh?). Every time lightening lights up the sky I envision it striking a 100 foot tree next to our, you see, I think his fear is pretty rational ;)

My 8 year old? Afraid of bugs. We have to do a 'bug check' in his room before he'll go to sleep.

Rita Templeton said...

At least weather is a pretty rational fear. Up until, like, a couple of months ago my five-year-old was scared of the fake flowers on the back of his Nana's toilet. LOL! He wouldn't go near the things. In his defense, he only JUST turned five, but still ...

Alexandra said...

oh, baby e, too. we get tornado warnings all summer and he just runs for me...

adorable post and build up ...loved it.

Jenny said...

My 3 year old is afraid bandaids. Not because of the pulling-off-kill-me-now thing. Just the sight of bandaids sends him over. I guess it's the association of pain?! Who knows! He's 3!

Love your blog :)

justme said...

i recall a cousin's kid was deathly afraid of midgets ??

my 3 year old is afraid of her teenage boy cousin ???

Peggy Sue Brister said...

I have a 9 yr old son who is also afraid of weather. He has been super fearful of the weather since he was about 4 or 5. Every time it would start thundering & lightening he would have to fight back tears and god forbid the power go out after dark, he would freak the hell out and beg me to leave the house and take him to Walmart/somewhere that had lights on. He is not as afraid of the weather now as he use to be but he is still afraid of amusement park rides and water park slides. He seems scared of every damn thing. I think he may be afraid of Thursdays. :)

Manic Mommy said...

Yes! Thunderstorms! He's terrified of them. Odd because the other three members of his household LOVE them. He also hates loud noises. We couldn't even walk next to the roller coaster at Canobie Lake Park this week.

Poor Babies.

Joie said...

When I was younger, about 10 or so, I was absolutely terrified of Saddam Hussein. Yep, Saddam.

It was around the time that the war had started back in the 90's over there. I was worried he was going to send a bomb over and all my animals were going to die.

My mom, being helpful and loving, told me that if he DID set off a bomb, it would only make it to Africa.

I finally told her about 3 months ago (I am almost 30) that I didn't sleep for weeks because I was so scared for the animals in Africa.

Now? I am scared of the boogie man. :)

Children's irrational fears are so rational to them. I wonder what it actually is ABOUT weather that scares him? Was it the same as me in a sense? Scared his family will be hurt?

Poor thing...I hope he gets past it soon! But...I do agree - it is TOTALLY amusing!!

B's Mom said...

My tough 7 year old is afraid of storms,and losing electricity. He was beside himself a couple of weeks ago when we had a brown out and lost power IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY! He slays bugs, plays hockey, and it always there to help other kids. Last night, he was stressed because we had lightning. I guess I am a bad mommy, too, because I find it amusing, too!

Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

Maddy is afraid of sounds. even the garage door, which she hears multiple times a day freaks her out if she hasn't been warned that it is about the open or close. I think it is kind of funny in a "mother that still comforts her while laughing a little bit? kind of way.

Suburb Sierra said...

My daughter is afraid of the dentist. Terrified.

And my son is now afraid of your son's boogers. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

trifitmom- if you kid is only scared of one particular person, there is probably a good reason for it. I would not push that issue at all, unless you want your child hurt.


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