Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Long Weekend Not Captured on Film

[Insert image of all 5 of my parents' grandchildren playing school.  With my Niece as teacher, and all 4 of her boy cousins sitting properly in chairs.]

[Insert image of 5 sleepy children in their pjs having a Spiderman movie night.]

[Insert image of bike riding, scooter riding, basketball playing children.]

[Insert image of pool party and drinks with good friends.]

[Insert image of me using a neti pot for the first time.  Or maybe not.  Because it was gross.  But man, it totally worked!]

[Insert image of burgers, dogs, chicken and steak tips at next door neighbors' cookout.]

[Insert image of fire pit, marshmallow roasting, and smores-making.]

[Insert image of fingers sticky from freeze-pops.]

[Insert image of me showing my Niece how to shave her legs for the very first time.  Because that's what Aunties are for.  Up next?  Body piercing!  Just kidding, Sis.]

[Insert image of of us on neighbors' pool deck enjoying the heat and frosty drinks.  On both Sunday AND Monday.]

[Insert image of a sleeping Trenches at 9pm on Monday night.  A quiet end to a loooong and fun weekend.]

So yeah, I didn't take one single picture all weekend.  Instead, I allowed myself to focus on the moments.

We don't remember days; we remember moments.
--Cesare Pavese


Pollyanna said...

Or in my case, because the camera broke on Saturday :(

My husband has a neti pot too - it is just tooooooo bizarre :)

Jen said...

LOL! I did that same thing on out 4th of July trip. Oh well.

Scary Mommy said...

Bravo. :) Pictures are totally overrated when you have good memories.

Staci said...

Neti pots rock! But you're right, you don't want a picture of it.


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