Monday, June 28, 2010

Odds and Ends

So my Sis and I were signed up to run a 7-1/2 mile road race yesterday morning in Boston.  Well, it ended up getting cancelled so we could either run the other scheduled race, a 5k (3.2 miles) or get our money back.  She made me run it.  We ran.

It was hot as balls.

My goal was to run it in under 30 minutes.  I did it in 28:57.

And my Sis?  After ditching me before Mile 2, she finished in 27:20!  Show-off.

My only motivation for running fast was to get the damn thing over with.

As usual, I hated every minute while I was doing it, but I felt good afterwards.  Especially being able to meet up with Christina and Erin afterwards.  And to meet Christine and Charlene for the first time (but hopefully not the last)!  I think we just may have a Massachusetts bloggers running group in the works!

Sis wants me to run a 20K (12.8 miles) with her in Connecticut on Labor Day Monday.  Just the thought makes me PIMMAL (puke in my mouth a little).

Which means I'll probably do it.

But not before I get a new iPod shuffle.

Yeah, I left mine in my sports bra after the race yesterday.  And then washed it.  Headphones and all.


My Baby turns 5 tomorrow.  Five!

And as it just so happens, the boyz and I, and Granny-911 (who arrives today for her SIXTH summer in a row) are taking a special trip tomorrow to attend what appears to be a pretty cool blogger event.  Details and pictures to come when we're back!


FourJedis said...

Great time! Do you find that you perform better in a race situation, compared to that of going out for a solo run? I definitely do... I guess because I can let myself down, but when others are holding me accountable, I feel the heat (sounds like you felt the summer heat!). :) Congrats! Sorry about the Shuffle... Happy birthday to the baby tomorrow!

Vodka Logic said...

I don't run but I would love to meet up with you Massachusetts bloggers.. please. :)

Well done on your time and good luck on the next one.

Jenn@ The Crazies said...

Great job on the run and have a BLAST in NY!

Shell said...

Holy crap, do you make me feel lazy!

Suburb Sierra said...

Good for you! What a great bunch of runners in a row :)

And even now that I have all the time in the world, I still won't be taking up running but could be a loud cheering section!!

Nora said...

My husband and I are debating that same race....New Haven? There is a GREAT party afterwards, but we have only done the 5K before.
I also washed a Shuffle last year and it never recovered. Now I have a Nano, which has far too many features for me, but it is a lot bigger, so I hope I will notice it in my laundry!
Congrats on the run!

Serenityville said...

I still look back on our run together with horror...I mean fondness. I am so proud of you and a teeny tiny bit jealous.

p.s. loved the post about doing the right thing, and I totally believe in doing what YOU think is right, OBVI, but am learning to find the balance with what is polite and respectful to others. Doing something that hurts you (emotionally, integrity-wise, self-respect) is NOT something I support.

p.p.s. I'm so glad you don't use word verif anymore


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