Monday, June 14, 2010

Home Sweet Trenches - The Beginning

So yes, we packed our bags and hopped into the car.  Some of us eager (the boyz).  Others of us tranqd (that'd be me).


But seriously you guys?  I can't even believe I'm gonna utter these words, but it wasn't that bad.


Yes, it was 14 hours straight.  Yes, we left at 3:45 in the afternoon and had to deal with the "I'm hungrys", the "I hafta pees" and the "He's looking at mes" for quite a few hours.  But by 9:30pm-ish?  Peace and quiet.  Allllll through the night.  I dozed on and off from midnight to 4am, at which point Hubby angrily awoke me because it was somehow MY fault that he took a wrong turn and we ended up in quaint downtown Wilmington, NC.  Cute town, by the way.  But notsomuch at 4AM.

And then we were there.  At 5:45am Saturday morn.

(That pic NOT taken at 5:45am, by the way.  Grandma and Grandpa made them wait until 9 to go to the pool.)

Hubby and I immediately hit the sack and slept until almost noon.

And then proceeded to have an awesome 6 days in Myrtle Beach!

So it was our "brilliant" idea to break up the trip on the way back home.  You know, to make it "easier" on ourselves.



To be continued...


Vodka Logic said...

Looks like an awesome time.. Did you know there were things called planes that can take you places. :)

jules said...

Now that's a long drive. I am not good at traveling in the car. Your boys were probably better than I would have been.

Heather said...

Love Wilmington! We lived there for about 18 months, that is where our oldest was born. As far as wrong turns go, not so bad. I mean you were still right there on the ocean. You are much braver than us - I really can't even imagine!

Classy Fab Sarah said...

Looks like it was AWESOME! So glad the boys didn't wear you out on the way down!

chele said...

Looks like your boys had a great time.

Visting from SITS.

Ronnica said...

Sounds like trouble ahead...

Thankful that I don't have to drive that far if I were to go to the beach (which I need to do!).

Michelle said...

Love the pictures! Looks like soo much fun!

Maureen said...

Love Myrtle. Love the photos.


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