Thursday, June 17, 2010

Home Sweet Trenches - The End

So after a quick night in Baltimore, we awoke the next morn and headed trudged (think Dead Man Walking on my part) back to the car to head home to Massachusetts.

It was 9am.  We figured we'd be home by 3.

The "What state are we in NOWs?" started immediately.  As did the "Are we there yets?"  Someone was always hungry/thirsty/about to pee if we didn't stop RIGHT NOW (despite the fact we had JUST STOPPED.)

I don't know how many times I had to unbuckle, turn completely around in my seat, and attend to someone's blanket/drink/DVD player/dropped item.

Needless to say, Hubby and I were both DONE.

About the same time as the traffic started backing up on I-95 in New York/Connecticut (on a Saturday afternoon - WTF?!), the boyz' silliness started.  Fooling around, making odd (LOUD) noises, hysterical laughing and speaking in silly voices.

Did I mention that Hubby and I were DONE?

The car, which was totally organized and neat on our way down south, was now completely trashed.

I gave up and went to my happy place in my head.  On a hammock, on the beach, drinking a fun drink, blissfully alone.  Lalalala I can't hear you...

Meanwhile, behind me, chaos ensued.
OF COURSE that entire box of Frosted Flakes was spilled.

And my ever-so-thoughtful in-laws had given each of the boyz Pez dispensers for the car ride home.  With not only the 2 little packs of Pez that come with it, but extra bonus packs as well!  The more sugar the better, right?  Especially when cooped up in a car.  Because THAT makes sense.  (And please look away from the mounds of disorganized detritus surrounding Baby.)

Oh, and did I mention it was pouring rain?  And that if I have to listen to another iCarly episode EVER AGAIN, I may hurt someone?

Regardless, we made it home.  At 5pm.

So, to reiterate, we spent Friday driving from 6am - 3pm.  And then spent Saturday driving from 9am - 5pm.

Silly us, huh?  Thinking that we'd be all smart and "split up the drive" on the way back home.


I love my children.  I love going on vacation.  I love traveling with my children to go on vacation ONLY IF THEY'RE SLEEPING.

The End.


Rebecca said...

There is ALWAYS traffic on that part of the trip...weekends are even worse! The beaches, mountain homes, vacations, beaches, boats, name it, people are doing it! Glad you made it home with everyone still alive though!!!

Vodka Logic said...

Yikes... that sounds miserable. it gets easier as they get older...

The Transplant said...

Three words... God Bless You. It figures for us the the first year we are out of NC we decide to go to the OBX twice-in the same month!! With a 6 month old. And family. In two cars. 9 hours one way. GO figure. The five years in NC (all childless by the way) we only go once a summer, and now this? But, that's how we roll!! Glad y'all had fun!

Michelle said...

While we have never traveled that far, we travel 3.5hrs quite frequently to see our parents. The last hour is always the worst and every time I say that next time I am going to drive and HE can unbuckle 7 million times! Couldn't IMAGINE a trip that long!

Maureen said...

The car parts are always the worst.

So sad to hear it doesn't get better....

Jackie said...

I was feeling bad for you (really, I still do...) until I realized what OUR parents went through. You think you had it bad with iCarly episodes? WHat about parents who drove cross country pre-1999 when it was walk-man or car BINGO? And what about the 70s?! Or pre air conditioning?

And, worst of all-- what about the days before GPS where hubby "knows a shortcut"?!


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