Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Beginner's Guide To Running - Frustrating Obstacles

When it comes to running, there are a myriad of things that can be irritating enough to make you want to stop (besides the actual act of running itself, that is!)  I know this.  I realize this.  I encounter many of these obstacles myself - Every.Single.Time. that I attempt a run. 

So I thought I'd throw together this What-To-Do-For (fill in the blank) Guide just for you.  Along with pictures, because I'm nothing if not helpful.  You're welcome.

1.  Blisters
Not my foot.

Blisters are caused by moisture, friction or heat.  Your best bet is to first buy a good pair of moisture-wicking socks (I'm a big fan of the SmartWool brand).  Second, make Vasoline your friend.  Lube it allllll over your feet before you put on your socks to go for a run.  It works, I swear.  More blister prevention tips here.

2.  Chafing
Not my ass.

Chafing can occur in a multitude of places on our bodies when we run, since it's caused by sweating and rubbing.  My trouble spots are between my thighs (the dreaded "chub rub") and strangely enough, under my armpits.  Those a little more well-endowed than me may experience it in and around the boobage area.  Chafing is annoying, and it always throws off my run because I tend to obsess about it once it begins to occur.  That's why I'm very choosy about my running apparel.  Again, Vaseline is your friend in this instance.  So is baby powder (for da boobs).  More chafing prevention tips here.

3.  Hair
Not me.


I am ultra-picky about my hair when I run.  It has to be UP.  In a tight-tight ponytail.  With no dangling strands.  Either that, or I wear a ball-cap.  Sephora has these great hair elastics.  (Disclaimer:  Headbands may be the way to go for you.  I, however, cannot wear them, for I have a teeny, tiny head.  As in, I can wear my boyz' hats.)  Here's a link to suggestions on hairties and hairbands for runners.

4.  Running with music
Me again!

Running with or without music is a personal choice.  I prefer the distraction and as I've said before, I HATE to hear myself huffing and puffing. I have an iPod shuffle, so it's as easy as clipping it on and heading out the door.  Those of you with anything besides the shuffle need something to secure your device.  Armbands seem to be the most popular choice.  What works for you?

5.  Thirst
Not me.
So me.

When my Sis and I were running daily one summer (that would be 2007), we both got hydration belts.  I didn't like mine.  It bounced around on me too much and I felt weighted down.  However, when you are so dry-mouthed that you can't even make spit anymore and your lips are sticking to your teeth, one of these belts certainly comes in handy.  Honestly, I haven't worn my belt since that summer though.  I just hydrate plenty before and after running, and if it's really wicked hot, I just carry a water bottle.  But here are some hydration pack choices.

6.  Lack of motivation
Lately, this has been my biggest obstacle.  See my mileage chart for May?  Yeah. 

Honestly?  If I could find something that would motivate me to adhere to a running routine and to stick to eating healthy, it would feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

I struggle daily.  To eat what I *know* I should be eating.  To FORCE MYSELF to get out there and run.  Oftentimes I lose the battle.  I overeat.  I put my pajamas on as soon as I get home from work.

But each day is a new day.  To start again.

How do you find the motivation?


Evolving Mommy Catherine said...

I love this series of posts. I'm trying to get my butt in gear and run more. For some silly reason I've decided I need to run a marathon before I die and since I am an over-analyzer and over-thinker I want all the info I can get.

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

Okay, I have blisters and chafing already, and I don't even run - clearly I'm not cut out for a healthy lifestyle!

Beth said...

I've found that if I don't get up and run/workout first thing in the morning it doesn happen. I found that I wasn't doing it at all on the weekends, so I just altered my running scheudle to run Mon./Wed./Fri. & I do some kind of crosstraining workout on Tues./Thurs. Hopefully this helps me stick to it! It's a great way for me to start my day before work & mommy life!

& I love your posts! :)

Alexandra said...

Here's hoping some of you leaks over on to some of me...

Jeannie, Jane, Angel, Mommy, etc.. said...

I am going to have to try the vasoline idea for when I go skating. I get the same issues as runners. Thanks! I have no tips on motivation because I have totally fallen off the wagon with trying to get in to shape too. I can only say that you are inspiring to be running at all. I can't do more than 1/2 a block before having to stop.

Unknown said...

Ouch! I am totally laughing at your me/not me pictures. LOL! I just admire you for running. Period.

Unknown said...

Well Sarah as usual you made me laugh (love the pics)...and you truely are inspirational ;)
Since I have been getting my own butt in gear(not running but in the gym)my advice is to definately find a workout partner, that way even when you don't feel like working out, just knowing that you have to meet someone there will make you go! And hair acessories are a must!;)

Erin I'm Gonna Kill Him said...

It's a good thing I don't run because I'd be looking like your 'not me' photos head to foot.

Rebecca said...

This is great...I love that the pink monkey ass isn't yours, but the flat awesome tummy is you! A woman after my own heart!

I haven't started running...at all...I do continue spinning and pilates though. Here's the trick for me...the gym has free day care...why would I pass that up?

Also, if I am out tutoring and go home, there is a low chance of getting me back out of the house. If I go straight from tutoring, it's a sure thing...don't go home!!! ;)

KNB said...

This is hilarious and you don't even need to be a beginning runner for some of these problems. I'm a seasoned runner but got new shoes a few months ago--I got a blister that was so bad on my heel that I was hobbled for weeks! Thanks for the laugh.

Stopping by from SITS


Lana said...

Check this out http://themamatrials.blogspot.com/2010/05/passing-on-love.html

Mel said...

Oh my gosh you crack me up! Love the pictures and captions. As a runner myself, great list! I'm still searching for my own motivation so sorry I can't help there. I'm definitely a fan of music though or I would never make it. I'm linking up to my Sunday Stars this week!

Kim said...

LOVE this blog! You are great! I found you on Bloggy Moms - I just joined and also joined the MA group and have been having a blast reading everyone's blog. It's nice to read other MA blogs too, makes you feel at home a bit more. I'm new to blogging, but I'm having fun learning all about it. I'd love some feedback on mine if you have a chance to check it out! http://www.mytwintasticlife.com/

I wrote a post about how I wanted to become a runner, so I loved this article. Unfortunately, my 3rd day running, I hurt my hip, I actually have to go see my doctor this week, but I was excited to be able to tell her it's a "runners injury" :) Thanks so much!


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