Thursday, April 08, 2010

A Beginner's Guide to Running - Good Days and Bad Days

A lot of running is mental.

For example, I'm immediately crabby and negative if anything disrupts my run. I make sure my shoes are tied tight. I try to wear running clothes that don't ride or slip or rub or do anything else that would annoy me. (A lot of the apparel aspect is trial and error though.) My hair is always pulled back tight.

I try not to leave myself any excuses for not having a good run.

I did an AWESOME route on Easter Sunday morning with my friend.  We ran for a solid hour!

Monday was rough.  I managed to do 3.2 miles but my legs felt really tired.

Tuesday, I bagged.  The babysitter was already at the house with the boyz when I got home from work.  So that immediately threw off my running routine.  And I'm not yet to the point in my running where I feel like I MUST GO FOR A RUN daily.  Unfortunately.

Which brings me to yesterday.  With record-breaking temperatures in the 90's,  I still knew I NEEDED to go for a run according to my too-tight pants.  I whined and joked on Twitter that I was dreading it.  So my attitude was horrible to begin with.

You guys.

It was the WORST RUN I have EVER done.  Ever!
First of all, I was sweating just PUTTING ON my damn running clothes.

And then when I got out there, it felt like my legs were slogging through maple syrup.

My running skirt was itchy.

I was holding a water bottle and THAT was annoying.

My headphones were bothering me.


I ran for 30 minutes, but it was a total head game the ENTIRE time.  I so wanted to quit.  But then I thought of these stupid blog posts.  And how I keep telling you over and over that if I can do it - SO CAN YOU.  And how I'm positive that you CAN run for 30 minutes straight without stopping.  Every time.

So I just want to say to you that you will have good running days and bad running days.  BUT DO NOT STOP.

I damn well better have a kickass run tonight.


Michele R said...

What is this "running skirt" you speak of? Must see photos.

Catch the Kids said...

I am starting running again after not doing any for twenty years. Very slow, a little bit sore. Bit I really want to move some flab that's had a twenty year head start. Thanks for inspiration.

Erin Im Gonna Kill Him said...

I'm impressed you're doing it all. I just watch my husband exercise with a jealous glint in my eye. And then say something passive aggressive, like 'well, maybe I could work out if I had more help around here!' But then, we all know, you make the time for things you deem important. I just need to re-establish non-lumpy legs as important.

Anonymous said...

I have sworn to finish the C25K, this time! We shall see ;) Thanks for the post and the encouragement!

Rebecca said...

Husband (who is training for a 10 miler in June) went for a run yesterday too and had a similar experience...the weather was not conducive to running...but you still went out and did it! Don't beat yourself up too was HOT!

In (Not So) Perfect Balance said...

Runnin' a 5K on Sat with BabySis~ wanna join us? You can bring your non-itchy skirt!

5 Kids With Disabilities said...

I don't run. I don't have any energy to do so, even though I definitely SHOULD. However, your post reaffirmed my belief that running is not good for you!
Lindsey Petersen


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