Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Because Bad Grammar Makes My Eyes Bleed

Oh hey!  I just want you to know that this isn't directed at you.  Because I think you are a great writer!  This is for that other blogger.  Over there. 

It's / Its
IT'S = it is
ITS = pronoun

Example:  It's annoying when a fellow shopper hovers next to me.  (True statement, by the way.)
Use the apostrophe because you can substitute "it is" in that sentence.

Example:  My favorite black sweater is missing its buttons.
See?  No apostrophe there because substituting "it is" wouldn't make sense.  (And yes, I'm very sad about my black sweater.)

Feeling superior?  Take this quiz on it's versus its.

They're / There / Their
THEY'RE = they are = a word usually used at the beginning of a sentence
THERE = use when referring to a place
THEIR = possessive (always comes before a noun)

Are you rolling your eyes at me yet?  Then take this one, Smartypants!

lose = to come to be without
loose = adjective meaning not bound together; free; slutty (heh)

Example: They're going to lose their minds when I let my boyz loose there.

Wrong:  His car's are both red.
Right:  His cars are both red.

Wrong:  His cars paint is red.
Right:  His car's paint is red.

Feeling smug?  Try this!

And a bonus tip:  I have lots of pairs of shoes.  (Again, true statement.)
NOT:  I have lot's of pair's of shoe's.

So report your scores below in the comments, class!

And again...this totally wasn't directed at you
*air kisses*


Unknown said...

I am write their with you, my friend. I can't stand bad grammar, either. Sometime's I wonder were people went to school!


MommyLovesStilettos said...

AMEN!!!!!! The same thing drives me crazy!

Lynn Kellan said...

Its sad when people use bad grammar.

Natalie said...

Drives me nuts! Another thing that I hate are grossly misspelled words. I can see a few typos here & there, but come on people. It's called spellcheck-USE IT. Double negatives drive me insane. Didn't these people pay attention in 3rd grade English? While I'm on my grammatical soap box, what's the deal with the "lkes"? It's one thing when it's a 15 year old girl. That's bad enough, but when it's a 40 something grown woman...come on! Really?

Ok.stepping down off said soapbox now. Thanks for letting me vent.

Unknown said...

I got 100% on all 3 quizzes so I guess you weren't talking about me :)

AiringMyLaundry said...

Thank you for this.

I wish people on the forum that I wrote at would understand grammar.

Some people are all, "And I seen a turtle," and I'm all, "You mean you SAW a turtle?"

Rebecca said...

It's/Its = 100%
There/Their/They're = 100%
The Last One (the hardest) = 100%

Some people's FB statuses make me cringe!!! Oh, and I teach MATH!

Claire said...

English teacher here - super pet peeve, but at least I'm trying to rectify the situation by teaching these things in 6th grade. I'm totally with you. I edit my husband's emails that he sends out on our behalf. Yes, I do.

Maureen said...

Lolli's killing me - great comment.

Manic Mommy said...

Only had time for the its/it's quiz: 100% baby! Another Grammar Nazi, here. I can't believe you didn't touch on your vs. you're. Drives. me. insane.

Deb said...

Phase and faze! OMG. The PHASE your child is going through should not FAZE you.

Thanks for this. It's a public service. I'm posting it to FB.

P.S. 100% on all the quizzes.

Venassa said...

I am very picky with grammar. I make the occasional dumb mistake, but I always find myself wanting to correct everyone's grammar on facebook. The word 'his' is never spelled 'hes'.

Draft Queen said...

This is why I should proofread my blog posts. Because I can see where this kind of thing would slip out of your fingers typing (perhaps) but I would catch it if I read it through before posting.

Alas, I'd also delete 95% of the post if not the whole thing so there would be no blog. This is sad, so I don't.

You should read emails from my SILs. Or their FB updates. Rife with ridiculous punctuation. It hurts me. Deeply. (There is no freaking way you need fifteen exclamation points after a sentence. Or every sentence as the case may be.

Shell said...

12/12 BABY

Can you explain the difference between your and you're, too, please. Ugh.

amanda said...

ok so technically this post IS about me. BUT since i have that whole i don't believe in capital letters or proper grammar in my little blurb about me, i am excused right?


jwg said...

You forget their,there, they're. Think of heir in their to remind you of people, the here in there to remind you of place, and the apostrophe in they're to remind you it is a contraction. And don't use the wrong one in the essay you hand in to me or there will be consequences.

countryfriedmama said...

Great minds judge alike. ;-)

There must be bad grammar in the air this week.

Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

I knowz betta but even sometimz eye dew it 2. LOL... I have these issues all the time and I'm educated. How sad is that? Do you forgive me? Will you still be friend?

Anonymous said...

Aggh! I'm really bad about the its/it's situation. Doesn't one denote possessiveness too? And you can't leave off your/you're! Oh boy, that one get's my goat ;)

FourJedis said...

Amen, sister! I have someone type "your welcome" to me about twice a day and I cringe every time.

jwg said...

I meant you forgot the old explanation, not the confusion.

Jennifer said...

Uh oh. I didn't know that about its. I thought in the second example that an apostrophe would be needed to show possession. Now I know!

Well, I guess this post was about me!

Anonymous said...

Poor grammar absolutely drives me crazy! Okay, so I'm a former English professor, so it would bother me, but, still....

It drives me crazy to see businesses put out advertisements with incorrect grammar, or websites that need editing. I myself have made a few typos on my blog posts...and I go back and fix them. You CAN go back and edit your posts...there is no reason for errors to stay there.

I do hate that there is no edit function on Facebook. It is very embarrassing when I skip a word or use the wrong verb tense because I'm changing my train of thought as I write and I was dumb and hit publish before reading it through. (People think that, because I teach English, I write perfectly. No, I just know enough to know when I mess up and feel rotten about it when I do.)

Serenityville said...

I have total respect for those of you admitting your grammar sucks. Because who are the rest of us to judge your low intelligence? We can't all be good at everything, some of us just aren't good with words.

I thought loose was a typo, people actually get that one wrong?

Thank god the blog community is made up of (mostly) writers. Though it makes it even more noticeable when people don't do it right.

BUT how bad is it when you're the grammar police but later find you made said mistake??? I feel like such a turd when I use its and it's. I do it alot. (There's another one for you)

Brooke said...

Biggest pet peeve.

I once went to a restaurant who stooped to a new apostrophe its low. Not only did they include an apostrophe where "its" was appropriate. They did this: its'

When the waitress came back I told her that the plural of/several "it"s was, in fact, "them".

I then looked lower and was informed if I had questions, I could contact the "manger".

jerseygirl89 said...

Bless you for posting this. I especially can stand the misuse of apostrophes (or, as they people who drive me insane would write, "apostrophe's"). I used to teach first grade to very underprivileged kids and they were able to memorize most of these. . .why can't adults? Oh, 100% on all. Though I am bad about typos when I edit my posts.

dusty earth mother said...

Yes, Yes, YES! Makes me insane, particularly the your/you're thing.

I now am a fan of yours, grammar queen. I bow down to *you're* royal aptitude with language.

Bama Cheryl said...

I got them all right but you hit my main grammar buttons with this too. Another is moot point versus mute point. Argh. My ears are bleeding!

mep said...

Very timely post for me. I felt like every other blog post I've read for the past two weeks has confused it's and its.

I'm convinced that almost everyone knows how to avoid these common usage mistakes, but that people either don't take the time to double check or look their writing over and see what they think they wrote and not what they actually wrote.

Amy said...

YES! This is a huge pet peeve of mine! I proofread at work and it amazes me that these people have advanced degrees and make gross amounts of money! Their grammar and punctuation are horrible!

Elizabeth said...

Has anyone seen this at The Oatmeal:

... if you like to laugh at bad spelling and grammar.


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