Friday, February 12, 2010

More Confessions of a Non-Crafty Mom

Continuing the topic from yesterday...

Every year in our district, the kindergarteners are assigned the task of creating a "100 Days" project to celebrate the countdown to the end of the school year.

When Eldest was in kindergarten, he wrote 100 different sports team names on posterboard.  IN THEIR TEAM COLORS.  (No lie.  We call him Rainman for a reason.)  I swear, it took him about 2 weeks.  2 excruciating weeks.

So this year, it was Middle's turn.  At dinner one night, we tried to brainstorm different ideas for the project.  My boring suggestions of 100 chocolate chips or 100 pennies were immediately written off.

Hubby joked, "How about a 100-piece puzzle?"

Middle:  "Yeah, Mom, can't I just bring in a puzzle?"

(I wished that he could, actually.  That's how much I despise these types of things.)

So we compromised.  He put together a 100-piece puzzle all by himself and then we GLUED IT to the posterboard.


(I sorta feel like we cheated on this one, but whatever.)

Moving on to Valentine's Day...

Today all 3 boyz have their class parties.  I so wish I could be the Mom who had the time and energy to do this:
(idea from Moms By

I considered it actually.  But then work, Blissdom, basketball, 100 Days projects, dioramasLIFE got in the way...

So my children will be passing out these today:



Jen said...

No worries, mama. My children will forever be passing out the store bought cards.

Valerie said...

I hate hate hate those 100 projects. Despise them. Loathe them.

So glad I'm not the only mom that does. :)

Annie said...

lol - I saw that craft blog also - and I made them for my daughter.

Let me tell you they were by far easier than the boxed kind -- I didn't have to tear perforations, have her sign them, stick stickers on anything.

I simply ordered the prints online, picked them up an hour later - used my handy dandy exacto knife to cut the slits - slid in the pops and bob's your uncle - done!

You should def do them next year.

Cynthia said...

Yeah...I'm so much worse...

Send them.
With her.

Yep, thanks to me, Miss Peach will be handing them out on Tues. instead of last Thursday when the party was:P

Manic Mommy said...

Last year: 100 seashells from a Cape Cod beach, collected in the bitter cold.

This year? Teacher suggested each child bring in 5 canned goods for the needy. That plus store-bought Scooby Doo valentines = SCORE!

Maureen said...

If you did something creative then other moms would just be annoyed and you'd stress them out and they would feel guilty, and that's the last thing you'd want to do... right?!?!?!?


Happy Valentine's Day!

Paula Reece said...

Okay, this is SO why we're friends. First, Coel didn't mention about the 100 days project to me until we were on our way out the door, running late, to school. So I grabbed a box of Froot Loops and he counted them in the car. Overachievers, yes we are. Second, I saw those same photo cards and thought the EXACT SAME THING: yeah, I'm just not that good of a mom. We went for the store-bought Bakugan ones. :) Not crafty. Not competitive. Not organized. Give a big *sigh* for me too, will ya?

Serenityville said...

I'm loving your non-crafty posts. But I think the diorama was fabulous! I love it, and COMPLETELY agree that kids should do their own work. Aside from the devastation it causes once they get in and realize how much it sucks compared to the other mom's - I mean kids' - work...

Unknown said...

Kindergarten teacher speaking up here! In full disclosure I teach at at a child care but whatever I am a teacher!
Anyway I always ALWAYS bring in a brand new 100 piece puzzle on the 100th day of school for the students to work on during their centers. My co-teacher and I were talking about their 100 day projects that were due at the public school and I said to her " I wonder if it counts if you do a 100 piece puzzle and you glue it together?"
Thank you for having your child do his project.
And Valentines over rated

Allison said...

I used to concider myself crafty - until the kids started school. now I find myself at a loss for ideas EVERY time. Check out our latest concoction on my latest post.....our last minute idea for crazy hat day at school.

I feel your pain.

Dorene said...

We went with the little play-doh thingys for valentines. Purchased at Stop & Shop along with the milk and bread. My daughter spent her snow(less) day writing her name on the labels. There was only one homemade card in the batch she brought home.

Jenn said...

My 4 year old actually PREFERS the store bought cards!

Theresa said...

We had to do a similar project, but my kindergartener glued wine corks onto a posterboard. I hate that crafty shit.


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