Wednesday, January 13, 2010

PPD and Me (Part Two)

Part One here.

Hubby and I sought help from a fertility doctor after 6 months of trying to become pregnant to no avail back in 2000. It was determined that while Hubby was fine (a huDge boost to his male ego, that), I, however, was not ovulating. In December, I began taking Clomid. It didn't work that month. However, in January, it worked! And then along came Eldest 9 months later.

After Eldest's birth, I chose to not go on any sort of birth control, figuring that we would take our chances. We needn't have worried. Nothing happened. But this second time around, I knew what I wanted. And that? Was an early summer baby so I could have the entire summer off! So back to the fertility doctor we went. Once again, the Clomid didn't work that first month. But once again, it worked the second time around in September! And then along came Middle 9 months later. My June baby.

So, of course, after Middle's birth, I wasn't taking any birth control. Why would I? I vividly remember being asked at my 6-week postpartum checkup what birth control I planned on using. And when my answer was nothing, my doctor said to me, "That's fine. As long as you're okay with the possibility of having 3." I simply shrugged it off, positive that if we wanted to go for #3, we would be going back to the fertility clinic, same as before.

Oh, the irony, folks.

It was mid-November.  Just before Thanksgiving.  A random Thursday.

I realized I hadn't gotten my period.  I had gotten it for the first time postpartum while we were in San Diego in September.

So I stopped at Wal-mart on my way to work that Thursday morning.  And bought a pregnancy test.  Just to confirm that I WASN'T pregnant.  I mean, how could I be?  I had only gotten one period since giving birth!  And who the heck had time for sex?  C-section recovery + colicky baby  = abstinence, my friends.

I peed on the stick in the bathroom at work.  And the em-effer showed a pink line.  Immediately.

I was in a state of shock.  Of numbness.  Of disbelief.

I calmly walked into work.  Went straight to my office, shut the door, and called Hubby.

(Me, sobbing) "I have something to tell you."

(Him, worried) "What's wrong?  Are you okay?"

(Me, hysterical)  "I need you to be really good about this, ok, because I am SO NOT right now."

(Him, questioning) "Is it the car?  Were you in an accident?  Did you wreck the car?

(Me, blurting) "I'M PREGNANT!"

(Him, silence)

And then, he pulled through.  He really, really did.  "It's okay. It will be fine.  It was meant to be.  Don't worry."  He said everything I so desperately needed to hear at that time. 

My next call was to my OB's office.  My favorite nurse happened to come on the line.  I began crying to her.  "I just took a pregancy test and it turned positive.  What should I do?  Do you need to see me?  Should I come in?"

She chuckled sympathetically.  And very firmly told me that no, I didn't need to rush in.  That the pregnancy test was most likely correct, and that they would see me at 12 weeks. 

To be continued...


Whirlwind said...

These things happen for a reason. That'w what I had to tell myself when we found out we were pregnant with number three.

Getting pregnant for me was always easy, too easy. We had our 18 month old and 6 month old and were doing everything in our control to prevent another child when lo and behold, our BCP failed us. So we found ourselves parents of three kids under three and husband volunteered for the old snip snip.

But now, I wouldn't change it for a second. It's how our family was meant to be.

Vodka Logic said...

Wow..they say pregnancy cures infertility guess thats right... Can't wait for the next part

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

Wow...I would have been shocked too. It's crazy how sometimes things happen that you would never ever expect. I'll be checking back to read more...

Serenityville said...

Loving the story....thanks for sharing!!

My verification word is (s)urine.

AZ Mommy said...

It's funny how when a wife calls a husband crying their first thought is "OMG she wrecked the car".

I was off the pill for one month because it got lost in the mail. I thought because it took me 6 months to get pregnant with my son I would be okay. WRONG I'm due in September.

anne said...

Wow! I had PPD and a baby with acid reflux. Throw a bad case of D-MER in there and I was a wreck! I can't imagine getting preggers right away. :-)

kBw said...

Stopping by from SITS. I hope you are having a blessed day today! Like everyone else is saying, everything happens for a reason :) Things will eventually work out! Best of luck to you and congratulations.

xo, KA

Life As I Know It said...

wow - I can only imagine the shock you must have been in! And everything DID work out - you have a beautiful boy-filled family!

I love hearing people's pregnancy/baby stories :)

Michelle said...

Sarah, thanks for sharing this post. If nothing else, it serves as a reminder to me to make sure we hit up the birth control the next time around. We did chlomid with Finnegan and we're going to do another round with the next one when we actually decide to go for it.

Shell said...

I cried when I found out I was pregnant with my third, too. We weren't using anything and I'd never had problems getting pregnant, but still, it was overwhelming.

Helene said...

Yup, similar story here...we had to go 3 rounds of IVF to conceive our 1st set of twins. Then 18 months later found out we were expecting another set of twins...conceived spontaneously, believing I would never get pregnant on my own without any medical intervention. The shock was mind numbing.

I had horrible PPD, especially after the 2nd set of twins were born. I've written a little bit about it on my blog.

Found you through SITS...I'm soooo gonna follow you!!!

marlynn said...

thanks for sharing your story. so many friends we know had surprise #3 babies, even those who had gone through fertility treatments previously AND they were on birth control after baby #2. I think I need to have another talk with hubby about a certain operation... ;)

Pollyanna said...

I had to use clomid twice as well. I also had two C-sections.

After reading this, I'm really glad that with the second one, I told the doc, "While you're in there, just snip those tubes."

What is bringing this story on? Are you pregnant?????

Pollyanna said...

And talk about sibling opposites. I had to take drugs both times to get pregnant. My sister got pregnant twice by "accident!"

Jen said...

Man, this is so familiar to me. This is a great series, can't wait for more.

amanda said...

i love when we call our hubbys all hysterical and were like you need to be ok bc i am not. thank god they are. said...

Holy cow! Strangely, I suddenly feel an immense need to go take a pregnancy test... =)
p.s. Love your blog! New to it but looking forward to reading more!

Anonymous said...

hehe, love it. I keep hoping for my miracle baby!

Patois42 said...

Can't wait to hear the rest of the story.


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