Wednesday, December 16, 2009

You Get What You Pay For (Related: I Am a Cheapskate)

I am a notorious bargain shopper.  I hate, no, I loathe, to pay full price for anything.  I need the personal satisfaction of feeling like I'm getting a *good deal*.  Anything full-price makes me cranky.  Thus, my obsession with brand-name shopping (for less!) at TJMaxx and Marshall's.  Honestly?  I don't understand how someone walks into a regular frou-frou store, finds an item not on sale, and then just buys it.  I am soooo not hard-wired that way.  I simply can't do it.

Conversely, there is my husband, who can't be bothered with rifling through racks of clothing.  He knows what he likes.  And he purchases it, barely glancing at the price tag.  The end. 

Whereas I would rather have 10 pairs of shoes at $20 per pair (because they were on clearance at TJ's or Marshalls); Hubby would rather have 2 good pairs of shoes for $100 a pair.

Which makes for some interesting fights discussions when we are forced to shop together.

Take, for example, our dishwasher.  I won that battle back in 2002.  I couldn't rationalize spending more than $500 on a stupid dishwasher.  Our dishwasher?  Yeah, it sucks. 

We compromised on the refrigerator.  Hubby knew what he wanted.  He talked me into it.  But we bought it at the Sears scratch and dent store.  Win-win.

All this leads me to our latest fight discussion.  Over what, you ask?

Bath towels.


You see, our bath towels were getting old.  And by old, I mean stinky and mildewy.

So a family trip to Target provided the perfect opportunity to replenish our supply.  I immediately strolled down the Target-brand aisle of towels.  "Perfect!" I thought, as I grabbed 4 bath towels at $3.99 each.

However, unbeknownst to me, Hubby had veered down the "designer" towel aisle.  When I went to find him, he was stacking the cart with plush bath towels.  Six, to be exact.  At a cost of $10 each!
I immediately became short of breath.  $60 on towels?!  Was he crazy??
"Umm...NO." I stated as he finished loading the cart.
"What do you mean, NO?  Just look at these compared to yours!  These are twice as thick!  That's the reason why we're having to buy more - you bought cheap ones before and now they reek.  And why only 4? We have company all the time."
And then he finished his oration with what he always says to me in these instances:  "You get what you pay for, Sarah."
Grrr.  So I folded my arms and harumphed, "Fine.  If YOU want to spend $60 on stupid towels, go ahead.  I can think of a LOT better things to spend $60 on, like shoes."

So I lost that one.  But actually?  I won.  Getting out of the shower and wrapping up with my new plush towel is AWESOME.  Who knew what a difference a towel could make?! 

Stay tuned, because coming up on the next episode of Sarah is a Cheapskate:  Bikini waxing and the price differences thereof.


Sana said...

Found you through SITS. Sarah is a cheapskate is a riot!


Jen said...

Sorry, I have to agree with your husband. In the long run, I think that the cheap stuff will cost you more.

Sincerely, Jenni said...

OK, I'm a cheapskate too... I won't even buy the towels at Target. I found a better deal at Kohls. They run their big comfy soft bath towels on sale for $2.99 ALL THE TIME. I stocked up on those, and they last forever. The ones we have now I bought 3 years ago, and they are still like brand new.

Shell said...

I totatally agree with you when it comes to clothes.

But, yes, towels are worth it!

LMAO @ bikini wax!

TAMMY said...

I can really relate to you! It's so hard to part with hard earned money! But sometimes it is better to splurge.

Unknown said...

You and I were obviously separated at birth. I have this argument with my husband (who is also like yours) when I need to replace my cheap shoes or sweaters because I'm a cheapskate and buy crappy clothing to save money. Yeah, not actually *saving* anything if I'm constantly replacing things.

But if you bought $10 towels you got off easy. My husband would have bought the $40 towels. Honest to Gah.

Serenityville said...

sure, wait till I leave to get the nice towels.

Amy said...

My husband would love you. Me and your husband could be broke together (heh).

My hubby actually can spend so much it takes even my breath away (you have to be easily up in the thousands to do that) on things like furniture, and travel/vacations. But on a day to day basis, he wishes I was a cheapskate. I would love to walk in the frou-frou store and buy whatever I liked - like twice a week - if he'd not strangle me for it!

Amy said...

Also, I'd just go on and not shop price on that bikini wax. Just sayin...

Michelle said...

OMG, there are some things that I skimp on... I am with you on the shoes! But your husband? He's right, towels are a luxury and Amy is right, don't skimp the bikini wax. OUCH!

Classy Fab Sarah said...

I have to say: those cheap Target towels STINK! They are HORRIBLE. I have purchased about 3 different sets of them, in all different colors - and ALL of them came out of the laundry with "bleach" stains on them - but it wasn't bleach, it was just bad quality. So you definitely won on those towels!

Rita Templeton said...

Ohhh girl, I could have written this post myself! Curtis and I are the same way. And I usually have to admit that for the most part, he's right - there are a lot of things to which you can apply the saying "you get what you pay for." Some stuff is NOT, though, and it's my job to point that out. :)

Anonymous said...

Lol! Sounds like an argument my hubby and I would have!

Unknown said... hubs is always telling me, "buy cheap, get cheap"...but he is the KING of walmart. i like tj maxx and marshalls, myself. i like the idea of luxury for less. here's how cheap i am: when we were traveling through canada we stayed at a very nice hotel...but they were VERY rude! i mean VERY they actually TOLD me they were charging us 20% more for our room because we were paying in american money even though the exchange rate was equal!! so...when the maid parked her cart outside our door, i stocked up on towels. now my towels were once THEIR towels. so...i have a household of nice, white towels. compliments of the sands hotel in b.c., canada. hate the game, not the player.


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