Friday, December 11, 2009

The Trenches 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways - DAY 11! *Updated with Winner*

The winner is Kimi!

First, I just have to say that the blog post ideas are certainly piling up while I do these giveaways, so I guess that's a good thing.  We've had lost teeth, burned fingers, and deep thoughts, oh my! in the Trenches!  So I can't wait to tell you allllll about it.

But for now, back to the matter at hand...

On the eleventh day of Christmas, my true love Trenches Sarah gave to me:

Eleven pipers piping different ring tones!  Heh. 

From Fisher Price, it's the Fun-2-Learn Cell Phone!  Because what infant/todder/preschooler these days doesn't need a phone of their very own?!  Hello?  It's almost 2010 - get hip and with it, Momma!

You don't want your child to be the only one on the block without one now, do you?

(It's brand new and in the box.  I was cleaning out a closet in a spare room and discovered it.  Yeah, I think I purchased it for Baby about 2 Christmases ago and never gave it to him.) 

(Ohmygod, I'm turning into my mother - the Queen of "Here, I just found this under my bed - I think I meant to give it to you for Christmas back in '89.")

Anyway, simply leave a comment below for a chance to win this cute little toy that my poor child was deprived the pleasure of owning!

And stay tuned tomorrow because I saved the biggest and the best giveaway for last!  Oh yeah.


jules said...

My granddaughter would love that phone. She is always trying to play with mine!

pink and green mama MaryLea said...

Ha-ha! I lose stuff in my guest closet (the "gift" closet) all the time. Oh well, I guess that's what giveaways and Toys for Tots are for : )

My neice would have a blast with it....that is, if my kids don't steal it from her!

pink and green mama

beenomom said...

Now this just screams daycare kids!! Cool, cool! Your find just might be my gain!!

Michelle said...

OK, I don't have a need for the cell phone, Finn has one already... but I have to tell you the story about becoming your mom cracks me up. At least you're giving someone else the chance to love it!

MamaB said...

My two year old would LOVE this, and maybe I would get my cell phone back!

Tuesday Girl said...

That is cute. I lose stuff I meant to give as gifts all. the. time!

Kristen said...

Love it!

Sandy S said...

I laughed when I read your post! My mothere did the same thing. She would lose presents, forget that she had them, and find them a year or teo later. Now it happens to me!

I would love to give to my niece. Thanks!

Mary Ellen said...

My babies would think that phone was great fun. Hope we win!

Kimi said...



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