Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The Trenches 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways - DAY 8! *Updated With Winner*

The winner is beenomom!

On the eighth day of Christmas, my true love Trenches Sarah gave to me...

maids-a-milking , 22, 49, set, HUT!!!!!

"Backyard Football ’10, is the ultimate kids’ football experience with all new outrageous co-op, 2 vs. 2 action, controls, unlockables, insane power ups (WHAT?!  I'm assuming your kids/husband will understand this lingo...) and a jammed pack roster of NFL stars including Kurt Warner, Eli Manning, Jason Witten (who?), Peyton Manning, Adrian Peterson (nope, never heard of him either) and Frank Gore (is he Al's brother?), all who appear together on the cover! This is a great game for kids and families interested in the sport!"

We have Wii Backyard Football '09 in the Trenches, and Eldest loves it!  I would venture to say that it would probably be too complicated for anyone under the age of 7-8, as both Middle and Baby simply get frustrated when attempting to play. 

Eldest specifically requested this 2010 version on his Christmas list, so I am excited that "Santa" will be able to deliver. 

Special thanks to DKC for contacting me on behalf of Atari and sending me 2 copies - one for me and one for you!

Want to win this Wii game?  Simply leave a comment below and you are entered to win this prize!!! No e-mail? No blog? Then how will I get in touch with you?

Meaning, I must be able to click on your comment name and be directed to a website or I must be able to see your e-mail address in your comment.  Otherwise be sure you leave your e-mail address in your comment.

Day 7 Giveaway here.
Day 6 Giveaway here, including links to Days 1-5 Giveaways (am too lazy).


Anonymous said...

I am really not that greedy, just one of you 12 days would be great. Have I mentioned that I love your blog?!

Andrea Proulx said...

1) I love Atari
2) We love football
3) We have a Wii
4) Pick me!!! Pick me!!


SBCVandy aka PreppyChemist said...

Count me in. I love the Wii!

crazy m said...

My son loves anything sports related! I hope I win. :)

beenomom said...

Video games, Wii, and Football all in one!! The athlete would be so excited to win this!

If eldest enjoys this, than the athlete definately would too! Heres hopin I win this one!!

Michele R said...

Same sentiment as beenomom above!

Sincerely, Jenni said...

We love our Wii, and this would be such a good thing to keep my kids busy during Christmas break!

Enter me!!!!

Anonymous said...

Throw all the other names out! I already won!!

Thanks for the game! Jay Trombino

Just email me when you pull my name:jtd2002@msn.com

Ashlie- Mommycosm said...

Oooo - we have Wii and love football. Sounds like fun :)

Kyla said...

This is awesome. My kids love the Wii!


Hillary (Mrs. Einstein) said...

This sounds like fun!

Garette said...

oooo wii games! We love our wii

magisterrex said...

Did someone say possible FREE swag?

Judy said...


Santa's bringing us a Wii this year - how cool would this be???? Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Since my oldest is obsessed with doing everything your son does, of course he'll want this for Christmas this year! He's also decided that he WILL be playing football come next fall... there goes our summer - July (baseball) AND August (football)!! Thanks :)

Jen said...

I got a son, ok and a hubby, that would LOVE this.

MamaB said...

Perfect gift for my nephew!

Sandy S said...

My son would love this game! Thanks for the chance to win!

Tuesday Girl said...

my twins are getting wii for Christmas from their Aunt, so this would be perfect!

Kristen said...

The boys would love this!


Staci said...

My girls would love this. They play Wii all the time with their dad. Love your blog!


Mary Ellen said...

This would be a great gift for my nephews... they heart the Wii... maybe they'd even teach me to play???

SavingDiva said...


savingforhome at gmail dot com


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