Tuesday, November 24, 2009


As I was getting ready for work, Eldest came into my room and announced, "I have gym today!"  He then started talking about what sort of game they have been playing in gym class (something involving Star Wars, dodgeball, Jedis, yadayadayada).

I wasn't sure if Eldest knew that my dad (his Poppa) used to be a P.E. teacher when I was young, so I started to tell him:

"Well, did you know that when I was a little girl..."

He interrupted me, sighing heavily.

"Yeah, I know.  There was no such thing as computers way back then, right?"

So NOT what I was going to say.  The little turd.


Ashley said...

They really make you feel your age. But that was just too funny.

Ms. Skywalker said...

Just two nights ago, I said to Big A, "I'm confused. I thought vampires burned up if they were out in the sun."

To which she said, "Stereotype."

I had no idea. Plus she said it with disdain...oh, the crimes of growing old.

Get those vampires off my lawn.

Vodka Logic said...

The little turd.... lol.

Yep. Even my kids that are older think I am archaic. :(

Unknown said...

mine actually asked me one time if they had automobiles when i was a kid. how old does he think i am? 110?

Monnik said...

Ha - this is cute. My daughter asked me if I had electricity in my house when I was a kid.

um... yeah.

TAMMY said...

Yeah, you know you are getting old when people who were famous in your time are unrecognizable by your kids. We get a lot of "who's that?" LOL

amanda said...

they are sooo good at putting us in our place aren't they?

ps - glad to see you won dead bird round two :)

KatBouska said...

Haha...and there SO were TOO computers back then!!!

*stomping feet*

Dorothy said...

It's better than being a fossil, which is what my brother's younger work mates call him.

anne nahm said...

My husband and I were talking about how sad it was that Flo Rida re-did 'Right Round', and I said, "It's so lame that he changed the lyrics to'You spin me right round when you go down .' Why does it have to be so dirty, yo?"

And my husband pointed out, "Because, Anne - the kids these days wouldn't understand the line, 'you spin me right round like a record baby' WTF they know about records?"

And right about then, I felt older than dirt.

Alexandra said...

admit it! It was funny! You little dinosaur.


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