Friday, October 09, 2009

Friday Commentary

Hubby woke up crabby this morning.  Thus begins postseason baseball in New England...fricking Red Sox.

Regardless, today is a good day.  Hubby and I are both took vacation days today.  We dropped off Baby at preschool together, and then went out to breakfast.  A rare treat.

Now we're both home in our eerily empty and quiet Trenches...bow chicka bow wow, right??

Notsomuch.  He's getting ready to install a rear bagger on his riding lawnmower.  And no, that's not me speaking in porno code.

So I only have 4 days of work left!  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday next week.  I am completely excited to start my new job on the 26th because I have NO DOUBT that it was the right move for me - both personally and professionally.  

Last night we went to the circus...but I pretty much couldn't tell you about the performance.  My heart was too busy soaking up the expressions on my boyz' faces as they watched in childlike awe and amazement.  As a mother, isn't that totally the best part anyway?
Have a nice weekend everyone!


jules said...

That is the best part, their faces. I love it when kids are having fun...

Enjoy your day off.

AngiDe said...

Your porno code sentance made me laugh out loud!

Visiting from SITS, I hope your'll come by and enter my GIVEAWAY!


Michele R said...

Wait, didn't you hand your boss a two-weeks notice letter? I am so intrigued.
Maybe bow chicka bow wow after the lawn chore is done. Maybe rain is coming and they have to be practical on the best order of things.

Jen said...

I so agree with that. The best part about the circus was watching Hayden's face.

Jenn@ The Crazies said...

So glad the noys enjoyed it!! My kids dont know... we are surprising them. Glad you enjoyed your day off... I ran around like crazy all day today on my day off... See you this weekend for football!

Allison said...

love the awww look on my children too.
When I switched departments in my office building, when my supervisor at the time found out, I was called into her office and told that when she hired me, there were a lot of qualified applicants for her to choose from, and now she felt she chose the wrong one ....If I were you, I would revel in the silence~!

Sande said...

You sound so in the middle of change and adventure ... :}

And don't you love watching life through the eyes of your children.

Judy said...

Sooooooo very excited for you and the new jobaroo! Just awesome, no matter what your current boss' reaction may be!

Jennifer Juniper said...

Rear bagger...bah hahahaha!

I know what you mean about watching the kids during these things. We took the boys to Disney and I actually started to cry watching them watch the parade. Mickey came over to hug then and it was all over for me. Oops, getting a little choked up right now!


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