Friday, September 18, 2009

Frivolous Friday Factoids

1.  I got a(nother) haircut.  Still attempting to fix the Worst Haircut of the Century.  New color is next.  Something darker and warmer for fall.  That's what I'm thinking.

2.  I hab a headcold.  Which makes Shredding tough, but I've kept it up, breathing be damned.  18 days in a row baby!

3.  I'm so glad Jordan won Big Brother 11.

4.  I'm actually liking Melrose Place and Vampire Diaries.  Hi, I'm 15.

5.  I'm think Ellen will be hysterical as the new American Idol judge.

6.  Facebook and I have broken up.

7.  All 3 of my boyz ate sugared cereal this morning.  Yes, I buy them Frosted Flakes.  What of it?

8.  Keep an eye out for this movie, all you mom bloggers.  It's gonna be a good one, I promise!

9.  The winner of the Fisher Price TRIO Building Set is here.

10.  Am I a weirdo because I'm already thinking about my Christmas cards?  I usually have my friend take the boyz' pics in October.

11.  There won't be a Girls Weekend 2009.  And I'm very sad about it.  Airfares to Myrtle Beach remain stupidly high, and everyone (understandably) is trying to be more frugal.  *sigh*

12.  But.  I AM flying to NYC next week!  Stay tuned.


Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

I'm over Facebook too, but I have to use it for the Junior League.

Umm, my son eats the marshmallows out of the Lucky Charm's cereal box for breakfast? I guess that counts as sugary goodness..

I will have to check out that movie.

La Belle Mere said...

Congrats on shredding through the head cold. I've let the side down already and didn't shred yesterday as didn't have the time (yeah I know, I should MAKE time...)

Hope you feel better soon.


Vodka Logic said...

Saves sprinkling the sugar on yourself....

I'll be in NYC next weekend..


amanda said...

loving the random facts!!

and 18 days - holy hell sister!! go you!!

Manic Mommy said...

This morning, my 4-year-old ate left over rice and taco meat - his choice.

Deborah said...

I love Frosted Flakes and my kids do to!

KK said...

I'm so happy Jordan won, i eat sugary cereal for breakfast and I can't wait to see Ellen on AI.

Jen said...



KatBouska said...

I give my kids sweet cereal every single day.

So there's that.

Four cavities.

And there's that.

H said...

i'm a huDge Jordan fan too. she and jeff would make beautiful babies. they should really get on that.

Amanda said...

I LOVED this list! You had me laughing out loud...MORE than once!!!

"I hab a headcold"



Oh you.

Thanks for the giggle fest.


P.S. Totally did not think your haircut looked that bad. ;)

Anonymous said...

Love FB!! You should have a girls staycation in Boston!


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