Monday, July 06, 2009

Running My Ass Off

I am nothing but consistently inconsistent when it comes to diet and exercise.

This weekend, I reached my tipping point.

The dreaded scale has slowly inched up to a number I swore I would never return to post-pregnancy.

(Disclaimer: Probably not the BEST idea to weigh myself the day after a holiday. And when my period is already 2 days late.)

So I cried.

And felt sorry for myself.

And this morning? I got up at 5 a.m. and ran for 30 minutes straight.

See, I know what I need to do.

I simply just need to Just Do It.

(Nike, feel free to give me a call, m'kay?)

Stay tuned.

(P.S. I got my period this morning. So I should already be 5 pounds lighter now. Right?)


Anonymous said...

Standing on the scales three times to check and re-check the result = 1pound lost (lots of stepping up and down, right?)

All the movement of your fingers to type the weight gain post = 1pound loss surely?

Crying and losing lots of water = 1pound

Getting period = at least 2pounds

yep, I agree with your calculations ;0))

Becky @ Our Sweet Peas said...

Yeah, blame it on the bloat. I am with you on the inconsistancy. I need to get up and go work out but I am sitting on my bootie typing this instead :)

Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

We must on the same mental planet. I weighed myself on the 4th and freaked....

I did a 5K right after...but I was a cranky beatch all day....

Must motivate myself!

Suburb Sierra said...

Good job! With your commute and early morning wake-up time, I'd be lucky to stay awake each day until dinner, let alone figure out when to exercise.

Maybe now that the real summer has arrived, fruits and veggies will replace the comfort foods I've been devouring out of weather-induced depression. Creamy soups in June was NOT what the waistline needed.

Draft Queen said...

I can go weeks straight being good about exercising.

It takes not doing it ONE FREAKING DAY and I'm completely a slug again.

Good luck staying the course!

Serenityville said...

You are SO funny. Speaking of weight gain (p.s. thank god you got your period I thought you were gonna say you're pregnant. Yes, it's possible) I am at a weight I'm pretty sure is more than you were WITH child in belly, yet still I sit here at 11:30 pm with pizza in mouth. I'm in the "beauty is what's INSIDE" phase of denial.

Carrie Ella said...

Oh, girl - I feel your pain!

I hate to excercise, but I know I'm gonna have to do something because this is the first time in my adult life that I had to shop in the 'big girl' section for a bathing suit. Yeah, I'm disgusted!

While in Michigan over the weekend my sister wanted to take pictures and I had to tell her she needed to use the wide angle lens if she wanted to capture me.


Mrs. Schmitty said...

You, my friend, are my hero. I've been saying for months (years?) that I need to do what you did this morning. I'm still sitting here. blah!

I need you to run over here and kick me in my fat bum.

Claire said...

We can motivate each other; I woke up at 6 and ran this morning. It was already 90 degrees here in southern Louisiana. If I don't get outside by 6, it's dangerously hot the rest of the day and I've missed my window. Had to cancel the gym membership for economical reasons so running is the next best thing. But isn't it such a love/hate relationship with exercise? I hate it while I'm doing it but love it afterwards. Good luck sticking with it - have you thought about training for another race?

Mrs. Flinger said...

OMG I do that! I'm in a "I'll work out and do well" this week.

We'll check in next week and see if this lasts. :)

MadMad said...

You're not supposed to weigh yourself before your period! Are you nuts?! Your definitely TEN pounds lighter, now. DEFINITELY.


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