Friday, June 19, 2009

Sarah Asks the Internetz

What would you do if your Newest 5 Year Old all of a sudden started bedwetting again?

(I mean, besides LOTS of laundry, that is.)

Ever since we got back from the beach, this has become Middle's new habit.

We don't let him drink anything after dinner. He always pees before bed.

Yet, at 4 a.m. on the dot, he slinks into our room and over to my side of the bed and whispers weakly in my face, "I peed."

Whereupon I groan, get up, and stumble back with him into his bedroom and help him put on fresh unders and pj bottoms. Leaving the pee-soaked clothing on his floor. And if the bed is wet? I throw a blanket on top of it and deal with it at a more acceptable hour.

THIS HAS HAPPENED EVERY SINGLE DAY THIS WEEK. And did I mention it's always at 4 a.m.?

Except for Wednesday. That time it was at 5:11 a.m. 4 minutes before my alarm was to go off.

Oh, but wait!

There was no accident yesterday morning!

But he made up for it this morning by wetting TWICE. Yep.

I was up with him at 4. Then when I got home from my morning walk, Hubby informed me, "He peed again." I nodded, already knowing that fact because I AM THE ONE WHO GETS UP WITH HIM.

"He woke me up when you were gone."

And yup, sure enough, there were 2 pairs of wet undies and pj bottoms on his floor.

What we haven't tried yet is waking him up to pee before we go to bed. But, err...that doesn't make much sense when he goes to bed at 9pm and I go at oh, 9:05?

And do you think it would scar him if I made him go back to wearing Pull-ups at night? Even though his younger brother doesn't?

Halp me oh wise internetz! Suggestions? Ideas? Volunteers to come do my laundry?

And on a drier note (heh) (although notsomuch because of all the damn rain), if you are a New Englander, the Life is Good Festival is happening tomorrow on the Boston Common! (It's free!) Eldest and I are heading there--me to promote the Fishful Thinking message on behalf of Pepperidge Farm and Eldest in the hopes of meeting Mike Lowell of the Red Sox. Come join us! And make sure you stop by the Pepperidge Farm booth and say hi! (I think the rain is supposed to hold off until late afternoon.)


Becky @ Our Sweet Peas said...

My sisters oldest daughter still cannot make it through the night at 7. She is a little embarrassed that her 3 yr old sister can make it through and she cannot but my sis carefully explains that it is not her fault it is just how her bladder was made. The dr's say that it is just an immature bladder and that it will correct itself. I don't know about him making it through the night and then not but I would have him see the pediatrician just to rule out anything.

Good luck and I hope you have a dry night, at least in the diaper department anyways!

Michele R said...

I am not sure what to do, except that I would not put him in Pull-Ups. If you say that he has not done this in awhile the question is why isn't he waking himself up when his body is telling him that his bladder is full. You say that you go to bed right after him--what time does hubs go to bed? I can tell you that when we were training one of ours I actually set my alarm for midnight (or I was probably up) and then got up to wake him up to use potty. I hate to suggest this because it means you/or hubs would be awoken and get up, but maybe midnight is better than 4:00 a.m. when you only have an hour or so left. Or you could tell son that you've called the doctor to discuss this and the doctor has asked him to meet with him/her to find out why the body is not waking up to use the restroom. Mine do not like going to doc so that is why I thought of that as an incentive.

AZ Mommy said...

Try getting those underjams. They are like jammies, but also a diaper for night time accidents. Is he just so tired that he doesn't wake himself up? Poor Momma.
Oh and I do the same as you, but a blanket over the wet sheets.

Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

So sorry this happens, my friend's 10 y/o still has occasional accidents, his bladder size isn't keeping up w/the rest of his body and he is a super deep sleeper.
Underjams might be the way to go, I don't think pullups or underjams are any more pyschologically damaging than waking up w/wet sheets. Good luck.

Jules said...

T still has issues with this at 7! The pediatrician told me the same thing that they will fully learn when they are ready. I did the wake up thing in the middle of the night and he was a terror to wake up to pee. (that didn't last so long) I then started using pull-ups. If middle doesn't like them he will find a way to not have to use them. With T I think have of it's laziness, he is tired and comfy and doesn't want to get up to pee.

Rini said...

My oldest just stopped wetting the bed at 10 years old, so he's definitely not alone. The recent unlearning, though, is mildly concerning. I would definitely make an appointment or two (doctor + discreet counseling perhaps?) to make sure there isn't some outside cause.

Dealing with this every night, we merely got a mattress and left the plastic cover on it. We went over the laundry procedures with him, gave him some practice, and helped him learn to turn on his own shower. He was an early riser anyway, so when the wetness woke him, he would get up, put his sheets and jammies in the wash, shower, dress, and have "quiet time" until the rest of us woke up.

Of course, he was seven when I got him (step-kid), so yours probably isn't quite to that point yet...

Jaime said...

I would definetly put pull ups back on him until he stops wetting the bed. My oldest was trained through the night at 3 and then one day he started wetting the bed again. I washed and washed and washed his sheets until finally I said "SCREW IT" and bought some more pullups. It didn't scar him. Now he is almost 6 and has no problems! Good Luck!

Manic Mommy said...

What's weird is that it just started happening? Maybe he's just having a little re-entry issue from vacation? I'd go with the big kid pull ups but also talk to his pedi. I was going to suggest the wake up to pee when you guys go to bed but that doesn't much help. Do you get up to go in the middle of the night? Do you have the where-withall to wake him up then??

Good luck!

Scary Mommy said...

Ugh, bedwetting is the worst. My daughter goes weeks between accidents and will then go every night for a month. It is so frustrating!!!

MaranathaMom said...

My husband and I were BOTH bedwetters until around puberty, and each time I have a baby, YEP! Get out your ponchos! Well, it has happened to me a few times after each pregnancy. UGH.

DD still pees at night & she's 3.5. I have tried waking her & other common sense tactics, all to no avail. We use the pull-ups, and when she's older if it's still an issue, I will buy stock in GoodNights. I wish they had had those when I was a kid. Much better than waking up in a pool of pee. I think there is a reason old people wear Depends rather than just staying on top of the laundry.

Patois42 said...

The growth spurts meant digressing for one of my boys off and on. When one would start, we'd pull out the ole mattress pad cover -- it was about a third of the length of the bed and tucked in on each side -- and used it for the sake of never stopping washing.

For the sake of him not wetting the bed? We would wake him up when we went to bed -- about an hour or so after he did -- and get him to use the toilet one last time.

So sorry for your guy. (Oh, and for you guys, too, of course!)

Michelle said...

I would recommend having him tested for Diabetes-this is a classic sign. Otherwise, go with a bedwetting alarm rather than pullups--pullups will prolong the problem, but the alarm will help to get past it again. Also, pull out the old crib mattress protector and place it between two fitted sheets. If an accident occurs, just pull off the top layer.


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