Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Well, some strong opinions on my hairstyle, for sure. The overwhelming response was STRAIGHTEN THAT SHIT OUT even though I failed to mention the time involved in doing so. Uh...ZERO minutes to wash-and-go vs. AT LEAST 30 minutes to blowdry and flatiron. 30 PRESHUS minutes that I don't have in the morning. So there's that.

So as a compromise, how 'bout this?:
Shaken, not stirred. Blowdryed, not flat-ironed. (And how long until someone walks in as I'm taking pics of myself in the bathroom these days? And why does it look like I'm sporting a 'stache? Great. Now I have this song in my head.)

Moving on.

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Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

I don't want to store a bounce house so I didn't enter. Call me a Bad Mommy.
You look great w/either look.

Unknown said...

Lol...yeah, I think I'd take blow-drying over straightening any day of the week...I didn't think about the time involved when I answered...and I KNOW that my hiney wouldn't get up and do that every morning! As far as 'sportin a stache' brings out the color in your eyes....j/k....Hope all is well--have a wonderful rest of the day!!

AZ Mommy said...

I like the straight on you. Maybe if you wore it curly but not pulled back? Why do women have to go through so much crap to look good!! And currently I'm sporting to caterpillars on my forehead, previously known as eyebrows

Manic Mommy said...

What about a little shorter and let it go curly - at least some of the time?

I spent about a full year straight ironing - until my hair started breaking off in clumps. Really.

Carrie Ella said...

Okay, fine. A compromise it is.

I like that look too. It makes your hair look voluminous...kinda like you just got done doin' the nasty! It's hot!

Serenityville said...

So cute - your fam phrases. Still need to see the full down curly effect, think of how much time you could save. I'd say blow dry definitely a great compromise - looks great, half the work. Straight for important things like drunken weddings.

I have no kids, but if I did, our family phrases would be:

"Has anyone seen my keys?"
"Who wants pizza?"
"Shopping is god's gift to Americans"
"Fat is phat"

Allison said...

I have hair like that I can wear it naturally curly (which I only do when I wake up too late, or it is a rainy day - no point in trying to straighten then) and then the other days, I just try my hardest to make it look o.k straight.

Becky @ Our Sweet Peas said...

See, I knew it must take longer to do the straight look. We curly haired girls must stick together. :)

MadMad said...

Oh, I liked it curly, too, though! And that's easier, right? Curls are IN, bay-buh! That's what I hear, anyway. Have a great trip!

dogwooddiarist said...

This is very nice. I'd love to see a pic of your hair as it is -- curly I assume -- without blowdrying, dried natural and nothing done. Is it not nice? I love curly hair and covet it. Why is everyone so into straight? You can have mine!

Night Owl Mama said...

I've had the same hairstyle since high school So I'm not the one to answer hair ?'s. I'm actually getting a make over this WEd. I think maybe a cut for you with some layers. Hey I love layers. and maybe a color too. I love straight hair personally and I don't think its ever out.

CynthiaK said...

Oh, we suffer the same issues with hair. In fact, make yours just a wee bit blonder and voila - same hair. I've taken to the dreaded mom ponytail and/or hairclip for most days. When I have the energy (and I'm headed somewhere important) I pull out the flat iron. Why must hair be so much work?

Anyway, I say go with whatever feels good and takes the least amount of time. You're a mom. You're entitled. :)

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

I;m embracing my inner curl. I throw a curl product into it and don't even blow dry.

I think your curls are beautiful.
As my husband always is what it is!


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