Wednesday, May 20, 2009

In the Trenches of Pukeage

Or does In the Pukeage of Mommyhood have a better ring to it?

Remember this?

Well, last night it was deja vu all over again.

Eldest had a baseball game, so I met Hubby and the boyz at the ball field. While Eldest was playing his game, Middle and Baby were running around like wild men. I swear the babysitter must have fed them SUGAR PACKETS for dinner.

We arrived back to the Trenches. Baby started really complaining of a headache.

What 3 year old complains of this? I was concerned. He kept crying. Every once in a while, he would mention that his belly hurt too.

Bathtime and pajamas.

Baby was pretty miserable. Meanwhile, Hubby was outside washing a carseat because Middle had "saved" his chewed piece of gum on his armrest, which of course got sticky and messy. (Which in turn caused Hubby to twitch and have to wash the carseat RIGHT THEN.)

I was inside, trying to get organized.

(Oh, did I mention that we are heading to NY right after I get out of work today? For a visit with my fam over the long weekend. And my BFF will be in town from Orlando!)

Middle and Eldest were demanding dessert while watching American Idol.

I was getting ready to dose Baby with Motrin (my answer to all life's problems.) (Well, that and booze.)

So I sat him on the counter.

And then he started heaving. And heaving.

All I could do was hold his shoulders so he didn't fall off the counter. I widened my stance, and he vomited all over the floor. And yes, it splashed on my bare feet.

Yum. Regurgitated cheese stick and watermelon.

After that, he felt fine. Totally wiped out, but better.

(Honestly? I was kinda impressed that he made it almost 4 years without vomiting. Especially in our Trenches. And now I have written record of it. I betcha those progress charts/calendars don't have a sticker that says FIRST REAL PUKE. Gotta love the blog for that.)

And then he fell asleep on me on the couch. My poor little buddy.

So this morning - he seemed fine. He's still on amoxicillan for the double ear infection, so perhaps it was a side effect of that? Or perhaps it was too much roughhousing? Or perhaps he's overly excited about tonight's road trip?

Who knows.

So anyway, Grandma and Poppa, the boyz can't WAIT to share their germs with see you tonight!

Pukey McPukerson himself


Jenn@ The Crazies said...

Sorry to hear that he was sick.. maybe I should punish Steve for all the roughhousing at the field.. I do hope he feels better!!

AZ Mommy said...

I don't know how you deal with all that vomit!! Have a safe and puke free trip to NY!!

Ashley said...

Awww poor guy. But that is a very long time to not puke. He should get a certificate.

Life As I Know It said...

Blech. I hate when they puke...hope you have a nice vomit-free trip!

Shasta said...

Have a safe and FUN trip & I sure hope all the puking is done!

Missives From Suburbia said...

Whoo-hoo!! Four puke-free years (with one kid). That does rock. The stuff on your feet? Notsomuch. I think that entitles you to a pedicure. How else would you sanitize feet other than a hot bath, massage and pretty polish?

Patois42 said...

Here's hoping he doesn't develop a new disease of motion sickness along the way.

Manic Mommy said...

HRH had his first real stomach bug a few months ago. Before that, he'd only kinda puked once or twice and never *really* puked. We've now checked it off the list.

Really, really hope it was something he ate or other random non-contagious cause.

Michelle said...

Considering all the times I've read about puke here I'm surprised it was his first time! And I mean that in the best I-love-reading-your-puke-stories-and-laughing kinda way. Hope he feels better!

Claire said...

Wait! This was my exact life yesterday, but girl version! My 2 year old complained of a headache (so weird) which turned into vomiting in my lap a few hours later. Fun afternoon! But then it was all over and she was fine. Shortest stomach bug ever! Puke is never fun, however. Have fun on your trip!

tammy said...

Oh, I hate the pukies with a passion. Hope all is well now. I had to lol about your hubby. Mine twitches when things are awry, esp. in the car, too. ;)

marlynn said...

oh no! so sorry to hear he was so sick :( hope you have fun on your trip though!

Serenityville said...

you are the best birth control a friend could have. the pictures are persuasive, but the puke ever more vivid.

amanda said...

oh the puke on the toes...not good!

wishing you safe and healthy travels!

Mrs. Schmitty said...

Puking is THE worst! Poor guy!

Lori said...

I wish I could go for four years without puking again. Way to set a record Baby!

Puke on feet=Pedicure

musingwoman said...

Glad I read this after my pecan rolls had fully digested.

Becky said...

You know you are a seasoned mom when you can get the puke stance down to be able to hold the kid up, spread your legs, comfort, and still only get it on your feet:)



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